Chef Shardul Shares The Recipe For A Vietnamese Delicacy
Image Credit: Bo La Lot

A perfect balance of the sweet and sour, Vietnamese cuisine is a medley of flavours that also flaunts a hint of fish sauciness. Amid the Pho and other popular Vietnamese dishes lies a delectable snack that is loved in the country. Called Bo La Lot, the Vietnamese dish is made with minced beef and wrapped in special kinds of leaves. It is a crispy snack that is often eaten in the evening. 

Leaf-wrapped delicacies are common in Asian cuisines. What makes the dish so unique is the fact that the beef mince is wrapped in la lot leaves, which is also known as betel leaves. The leaves have a spicy taste but also offer medicinal properties. Beef refers to bo in Vietnamese and la lot is the name for betel leaves. Once wrapped, the leaves are grilled over charcoal and that is what lends it a crispy texture and smoky taste.  

Chef Shardul Nigam, Chef De Cuisine of Hilton And Hilton Garden Inn, Bengaluru, shares a detailed recipe for this Vietnamese delicacy with minced chicken.  


    300 gms chicken mince  

    10 betel leaves 

    20 gms chopped garlic  

    20 gms chopped shallots  

    5 gms chilli flakes 

    15 gms oyster sauce 

    15 gms light soy 

    20 gms peanuts 

    Sweet chilli sauce 

Bo La Lot

1.    Combine the chicken mince along with garlic, shallots, chilli flakes, oyster sauce, light soy and peanuts. 

2.    Thoroughly wash the betel leaves in cold water. 

3.    Blanch the betel leaves in hot boiling water and immediately transfer the leaves in ice cold water. 

4.    Place the leaf on a flat surface and place a small amount of mixture in the centre of the leaf. 

5.    Roll the leaf in a cylindrical form. 

6.    Steam the rolled leaves in a steamer for 7-8 min. 

7.    After steaming the grill, the rolled leaves 2-3 min for giving it a smoky flavour. 

8.    Serve along with sweet chilli sauce.