Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Provides Meals To Assam’s Flood-Hit People
Image Credit: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor/Instagram, This noble initiative by the chef has been praised by all.

While many parts of the country await a refreshing monsoon season, there are some others that have been suffering because of excessive rains. This year, Assam is facing a devastating flood situation and is in desperate need for tangible aid. In such times of need, personalities like chef Sanjeev Kapoor have stepped up. The celebrity chef is not only brilliant at his job but also a philanthropist. In collaboration with the World Kitchen Centre, a non-profit organisation that works towards empowering communities through food, chef Sanjeev has been feeding the people in the flood-hit areas of Assam. 

Source: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor/Instagram

The chef’s post shows how the food is cooked in large containers by expert chefs and then transferred into disposable plates. These are then properly packed and sealed before being sent out for distribution. From kids to elderly people, several flood victims are shown holding these meal plates. 

In such adverse situations, chef Sanjeev reiterates that, “We stand with our brothers and sisters in Assam and thoughts as well as prayers continue to go out for their safety”. The chef and his team have been working hard along with other groups to provide the necessary nutrition and satiate the appetite of all the people affected by the floods. In the past too, the chef collaborated with NGOs to provide food to the frontline healthcare workers in 2021 during the Covid-19 crisis.