Restaurateur And Chef Saniya On Magic Of Artisanal Pizzas

The capital is bitten by a bug, the pizza bug. You see when you move past the fast-food pizza chains and try your first-ever handmade pizza, crafted with love and extra EVERYTHING...It is just difficult to go back. There are plenty of gourmet pizza places in town, giving Delhhites a taste of the authentic deal, but we have to say that we have found a soft spot for ‘Baking Bad’. Not meth, but their method of making pizzas is actually what is steal-worthy here. Saniya, who founded the pizza place back in 2015, dished out some delish secrets, like how their team can work on a dough for upto 36 hours in certain seasons to bake the best pizzas. From spicy bbq chicken to feta and spinach, the range of toppings you find here are sure to make you drool. There are also a bunch of interesting side dishes and mains we liked a lot, like the hot and saucy chicken wings, the creamy mushroom pasta, crispy chicken fingers and so much more. We caught up with chef Saniya who got candid about her journey, favourite pizzas and more.  

Q. Tell us about 'Baking Bad'.

Baking Bad, a pizza lover's paradise, is a local homegrown brand that debuted in 2015 to fill a void in the pizza market. With only Western fast-food pizza chains back then, the goal of the brand was to transform pizzas into gourmet handcrafted products with carefully selected ingredients and raw material. It's one of the city's first cloud kitchen deliveries, as well as Delhi NCR's first gourmet pizza business, with a kitchen working from 12 noon to 4 am.

Q. Name some of the best pizzas you have had, India or abroad

Tony’s by Toni Gemignani. Their Classic Margherita is hands down the best pizza I have had.  

Q. You have experimented with a range of toppings, talk about that.

We have not just experimented with toppings, but even with crust choices. We give the customer to craft their own pizza starting from choosing their base, sauce, cheese and of course our list of toppings is very extensive. From crispy bacon to crunch kale, we have got it all! Also, pineapple!

Q. What is the most difficult thing to cook in your kitchen

The Napoli dough is something that we work very hard on. The preparation of the dough changes with changing seasons and needs to be rested for a good 36 hours. Our Napoli Pizzas are definitely our labour of love.  

Q. When did you start cooking, who taught you how to cook?  

I have been cooking with my mom since I was little. All us cousins would get together during summer holidays and cook things like Pao Bhaji &.Mac & Cheese and of course turn the kitchen upside down. But my mom would never stop us surprisingly. Of course the cleaning was one hell of a task!!

Q. Your comfort food

That’s an easy one. It would have to be the Classic Margherita Pizza. No fuss, no frills, absolute comfort.  

Q. One celeb you would love to host.  

That would be Jock Zonfrillo, a Scottish television presenter and former chef himself. He has been quite an inspiration too

Q. If you could have just one pizza from your menu for a month. Which one would it be?

Will keep switching between Classic Margherita and Heisenberg. It is impossible to pick one.