Chef Saloni Kukreja's Instagram Series Has The Best Dahi Recipes

Struggling to eat more curd this summer? The Indian-style curd is one of the most potent probiotics and can offer you immunity along with healthy bones and teeth. It can also cool down your body and help you replenish your energy levels during peak summers. 

However, you may find a bowl of plain curd too bland for your tastes, in which case you need to explore chef Saloni Kukreja’s new Instagram series which is called 30DaysofHowIndiaEatsDahi and explores many seasonal and regional recipes which you can make with curd and most of them can be easily made at home!

Kukreja’s first recipe featured a Himachali Redu kadhi which is a flavourful curd-based dish made with mustard oil, coriander seeds, methi seeds, curry leaves, dried red chillies, hing etc. It’s a savoury accompaniment which can be paired with rice or dal and can be prepared within 30 minutes. Chef Kukreja also makes a number of other popular curd-based dishes as part of her series, from dahi vada and lychee shrikhand to dahi bhindi and pineapple pachadi.

During her latest episode, the chef explore a recipe for mishti doi, which is a popular Bengali dessert and can be made with curd and jaggery.  The recipe involves fermenting the dahi for 8 hours or overnight “This rich and creamy homemade Mishti Doi has been my favourite Bengali sweet growing up and it only takes a few simple ingredients to get that authentic taste right at home,” the chef writes on Instagram.