Chef Regi Mathew And Team Crafts123 Feet Long Dosa

In Indian cuisine, the dosa is revered for its golden, crispy texture and its ability to absorb a wide variety of contents. It has a reputation for enticing palates all over the world. The sizzling of dosa griddles, which is a signal that another day has begun, ignites appetites and inspires culinary innovation. This occurs as the sun rises. Remarkably, MTR Foods, an icon in the domain of Indian gastronomy, recently commemorated its 100-year journey with a momentous celebration.  

In collaboration with Lorman Kitchen Equipments, MTR has set a new Guinness World Records title for the Longest Dosa, marking a historic milestone in its century-long legacy. Crafted at MTR's Bommasandra Factory using the brand's signature Red Rice batter, this record-breaking dosa stands as a testament to MTR's mastery of South Indian cuisine and culinary craftsmanship. 

The famous dosa, which was an impressive 123 feet long, was the result of months of careful planning and hard work by 75 cooks. The MTR Cuisine Centre of success led this group of seasoned professionals and up-and-coming chefs who were all working together to achieve culinary success. Even though there were many problems and 110 failed tries, the team's persistence and determination finally led to the creation of this amazing dosa. 

Head chef Regi Mathew explained the laborious steps that went into making this cooking masterpiece. The team was able to make the longest dosa ever by carefully controlling the temperature and using new methods, such as a machine that was specially made to spread the batter evenly. Two sets of cooks, one on each side of the dosa, carefully sliced and flipped the 75 kilogrammes of batter that was used. 

The significance of this achievement extends beyond the culinary realm, reflecting MTR's enduring bond with its consumers and their love for this iconic dish. Sunay Bhasin, CEO of MTR Foods, emphasized the evolution of dosa from a humble South Indian delicacy to a globally recognized favorite, underscoring the cultural resonance and universal appeal of this beloved dish. 

Furthermore, Lorman Kitchen Equipments Managing Director Chandra Mouli highlighted the sustainability and efficiency of induction-based cooking equipment, exemplified by the creation of the world's longest dosa. This achievement not only celebrates culinary excellence but also promotes eco-friendliness and innovation in the culinary industry. 

While Regi Mathew said in his Instagram post that, “I’m thrilled to announce a historic milestone at MTR! 🏆✨ Proudly celebrating the 100th year anniversary with a Guinness World Records title for the longest dosa, measuring an incredible 123.03 feet! 🌟This monumental achievement took place at MTR Factory in Bengaluru on March 15th, 2024.”