Chef Nishant Choubey Curates Ayurvedic Menu For Museum Of Food
Image Credit: The thali comprised of Ayurveda recommended food

World Museum Day was on the 18th of May and like every other realm, food and culinary skills were an important part of the celebrations in India. In an event on 19th May, that was called the Museum of Food, Chef Nishant Chaubey oversaw a menu that was curated according to the age-old scientific rules of Ayurveda. This was a great attempt to showcase that eating according to Ayurveda is simple, delicious and of course, very healthy. 

The entire menu was based on the concept of doshas, mentioned in Ayurveda, which are vata dosha, kapha dosha and pitta dosha. Cabinet Ministers including Shri Amit Shah were present to taste the amazing menu offered by Sattvik and Chef Nishant. Sattvik is known for its pure vegetarian menu, which is carefully curated to cater to the section that enjoys comfortable and healthy Indian food. This occasion was perfect for the team to lay out an impeccable menu and chart out a perfect meal to mark World Museum Day. 

Like we mentioned, the menu was based on the three doshas mentioned in Ayurveda. Under vata, the dishes ranged from bael ka sharbat to sweet potato chaat, soya vadi, rajma rasila and ragi roti, with cinnamon halwa for dessert. Under Kapha menu, aam panna was the welcome drink, followed by dal pakwan, jackfruit biryani and litti. The halwa was flavoured with fennel for kapha. Lastly, pitta had kokum sherbet, amla and kaachi haldi tikki, ghugni kachumbar, with cardamom flavoured halwa for dessert. The entire menu was simple, perfect for the summer season and absolutely delicious. 

This Ministry of Culture organized event was amazing for the promotion as well as appreciation for a lifestyle that is driven by healthy diet. Chef Chaubey and Sattvik truly put out a great showcase of food that is easy on the stomach and recommended by Ayurveda.