Chef Kunal Kapur’s Quick & Easy Cheesy Dip Recipe Is A Must-Try

Talk of a tasty fried snack and we can’t imagine it without a yummy dip, isn’t that true? We love our samosa with imli chutney, chicken tikka with hari chutney, and fries with a cheesy dip. Condiments have a major role to play when it comes to snacks, and cheese dips are one of the most popular options to go with fried treats. 

After all, cheese itself is crucial to a delicious breakfast spread as well as crunchy evening snacks. Whether you top a dollop of cheese on bread, or pour in some cheese into your omelette - there are a number of ways that cheese can be used in various meals. Cheesy dip is also a quick and easy way to give a nice flavour to sandwiches. You can also opt for cheese on top of your salted crackers, or use it as a dip with your favourite chips or nachos. But what do you do when you run out of cheese spread at home? Maybe, make it at home!

Yes, making cheese dip at home isn’t a tough feat to achieve and celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur has a quick and easy cheese dip recipe for us. If you follow the ace chef on social media, you will know how he keeps sharing cooking tips, quick recipes, and many such kitchen hacks through short videos. In one such recent video, the chef shared a recipe for cheesy dip. 

In the video, the chef first melts some butter and adds milk to it. When it comes to boil, he adds grated cheese to it. Next, he simply stirs the mix until it thickens and forms into a smooth dip. Wasn’t that super easy and fuss-free? You need just three ingredients, no additional flavouring and no mess. Once you make this cheesy dip at home, you won’t go back to buy it from the store. Here’s the recipe explained in a bit more detailed manner. 


  • 2 tbsps butter  
  • ½ cup milk 
  • 1 cup cheese (grated)


  • Melt butter in a pan, and add milk to it. 
  • Stir and let it boil. 
  • Now, add grated cheese to it. 
  • Keep stirring until it boils and thickens. 
  • Once thickened, take it out before it starts burning.

“Don't skip because it's going to be super cheesy(dip)”, the chef wrote in the recipe video he shared, and we are definitely not skipping on such an easy and delicious recipe! Take a look at the video he shared: