Chef Kunal Kapur Shares His Secret To Froth Milk For Cappuccino

Wrapped inside our blankets cursing the cold wave, there’s little that can actually motivate us right now to leave the bed and even look in the direction of the kitchen. But what if we tell you we finally found the secret to making the perfect, restaurant-style cappuccino at home? And that too from the MasterChef himself. That’s right, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur, revealed how he froths his milk for making Cappuccino, and these are tips worth bookmarking.

For the uninitiated, cappuccino is a type of coffee made with espresso and milk that has been frothed up with the help of pressurised steam. Now, it is not difficult to make coffee, but frothing up the milk is where the true challenge lies. Chef Kunal helped us break down the ‘frothing business’. In his video, chef Kunal warns that you can achieve the best froth only with full fat milk, skimmed or low-fat milk won’t serve the purpose.

Divide the milk into two parts, keep half for boiling, and keep the remainder for creating froth. Take a blender and start foaming the milk, the initial froth that you see is very weak. In other words, if you take the container and you bang its base against the table, the majority of the froth will dissolve barring some. This remaining froth is strong, now you run the blender again and froth, froth, froth, until you reach a stage where the milk is not visible. 

This is your strong and stiff foam that will sit comfortably on your cappuccino. Making cappuccino is not that tough after all, remarks chef Kunal Kapur. And, now that we have learnt how to froth the milk. We are rather keen to try it ourselves. Here’s a cappuccino recipe we swear by, try this yourself and let us know how you liked it.