Chef Gobu Shares His Favourite California Roll Recipe

In our country, people not only love eating the traditional Indian food but there are also many fans of various international cuisines. Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai and Chinese are some top cuisines which are popular in India. Various restaurants have international dishes in their menu that is served with an Indian flavour. Recently, more exotic and exclusive restaurants are opening up, which serves the authentic international cuisines and the menu has multiple varieties to offer. 

Many chefs and food enthusiasts also share the recipes of international dishes so that your favourite food can also be prepared at home. Be it the authentic recipe or with a fusion, these delectable dishes never fail to steal our hearts. If you are also a fan of international cuisines here is the recipe of California roll, a sushi made with the flavours of crab, avocado and salmon by Chef Gobu, Crowne Plaza, Chennai.  


  • 0.15 gm sushi rice  
  • 0.02 gm mirin  
  • 0.03 gm rice vinegar  
  • 0.005 gm salt  
  • 0.01 gm sugar  
  • 0.01 gm sake  
  • 0.01 gm wasabi  
  • 0.05 gm kikkoman soya 
  • 0.01 gm pickled ginger  
  • 0.15 gm Lebanese cucumber  
  • 0.08 gm crab stick  
  • 0.08 gm avocado  
  • 0.06 gm salmon 
  • Vinegar as required 


  • Boiled the sushi rice mix the sweet and sour vinegar, seasoning. 
  • Roll it nicely with shrimp, tuna, crab stick, cucumber and avocado with noori sheet. 
  • Cut it nicely and arrange it and serve it with kikkoman soya, homemade gari and wasabi.

Make it at home and enjoy with your family.