Chef Avinash Martin Uses Chocolate To Make 12-Layer Chocolate Portrait Of Sachin Tendulkar
Image Credit: Chef Avinash Martin cake/ Instagram

Chef Avinash Martin who has worked with Michelin starred restaurants across the globe and now runs Cavatina Cuchina in Benaulim, South Goa. This restaurant is a perfect example of contemporary Goan food. He aims to he aims to preserve the heritage of Goan cuisine along with his family's recipes. Chef Martin has taken step to dig into the forgotten recipes from the Saraswat and Portuguese communities. He always have strived to interpret them on a modern palate. 

He is highly passionate about his contemporary artworks made with acrylics recently, created something very creative as he gave his passion to another level by doing a hand crafted a chocolate portrait of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar that too on a ceramic plate.

Avinash Martin took to Instagram and wrote “Always wanted to do this! Art & food to me is synonymous, and it gets levitated when it’s presented to the Master! Here’s me presenting a chocolate painted portrait of Master Sachin Tendulkar. It’s always such a delight to curate culinary delights for him as he is not only a foodie but a gourmand!

Proud to serve you always and a sheer joy presenting my chocolate art Master🙏”

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He used 78 percent dark chocolate and white chocolate, a Belgian chocolate called Callebaut. The dark chocolate and white chocolate helped temper the chocolate portrait. Tempering gives a smooth and glossy finish. These 12 layers of chocolate portrait took him 24 hours post which he gifted it to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Martin knew about his love for chocolates and hence thought to give him something unique. 

Avinash also revealed that Sachin is a seafood lover and loves everything fresh crab to lobsters. Keeping the same in mind he always makes sure to serve him a 7-9 course meal with a surprise element. 

Here’s all you need to know about Avinash’s Cuchina Cavatina

This place run by talented chef, Avinash Martins, this restaurant is all about contemporary Goan food. Chef Avinash aims to Goan cuisine intact and he aims to keep the forgotten recipes alive from the Saraswat and Portuguese communities. Elegantly done up the place some interesting art works too on the walls along with some old clay pots from Saraswat homes.

Mackerel Rechado avant garde


This place serves one of the best Kokum & Chilli Feni concoction. Martin focuses on all seasonal produce to plate them. Their Betul Crab Xec Xec bisque to Mackerel Rechado avant garde or Brazilian steak tops the list. In their latest addition of Mackerel Rechado avant garde the Rechado mackerels are generally stuffed mackerels with a stuffing made of a spicy fiery chilli and tangy coconut vinegar and some cases tamarind paste. Onions are chopped finely and sautéed along with this paste. After it’s cooled down the paste acts as a catalyst in enhancing the flavours of mostly seafood preparations. Duo of mackerel, cured and smoked, flame roasted pimentos, cola chilli anejo vinagre rechado, garnished with chempni tor (brined pressed mango) and love apple. The new addion also sees Oyster & Prawn Betul bay Prawns & Love apple(Zaamb) and citrus cured , Toranja and tamarind Coulis, tobiko, Galgibaga Oyeters, Chenin blanc & tephal foam, pickled onions.

Pairs well with a chilled Chardonnay! Avinash has also used the indigenous rice like Koyloleo rice and make a rice and coconut toddy fermented pancake. The sweet taste of the toddy and the sour taste of the fermentation gives it a character like no other! A Very Goan and original.