Chef Akira Talks About Elon Musk's Orders At His Restaurant
Image Credit: ssamjang/ Instagram- lenatsbitsch

Elon Musk in particular has an order to fit his wacky attitude, but chef Akira Back enjoys giving his Asian-fusion meals a twist for all the renowned faces who enter his restaurant.

There is no greater joy than seeing the people's faces as they enjoy my food, Back tells PEOPLE exclusively from his Yellowtail restaurant in Las Vegas. "It is very exciting when people visit my restaurants around the world.

Back is well-known for his tuna pizza, which is a tortilla covered with raw tuna, mayo, and fresh herbs. The inventor of Tesla enjoys eating that first, but when he visits Back's ABSteak in Beverly Hills, he unleashes his inner carnivore.


, claims Back. "Ssamjang is a dry-aged version of fermented Korean miso that also contains a small amount of gochujang. So, he really enjoys that one. That, in my opinion, is a unique dish that has yet to be offered at any other restaurant. It's really advanced and similar to Tesla.

The chef hasn't observed anyone consuming the dish outside of the culinary community because it is so sophisticated for the average person's palate.

The former professional snowboarder says, "It sounds unusual, not many people order it. "He places an order for something that really only chefs do. He simply downed it with his youngster."

The Michelin-starred chef places a high value on privacy and camaraderie because his clientele includes celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, and others.

Back chuckles, "They just like my food. Later on, we become buddies.

Back visits each of his 20 eateries, visiting locations all around the world. The next stop is London, where he will take over the brand-new Mandarin Oriental's full food and beverage programme, which includes two namesake restaurants and a bar.

The former Iron Chef America contestant says, "I want to challenge myself in a new way." "I've been talking about London for almost fifteen years, and now it's happening.