Cheesecake To Kheer: 5 Guava-Based Desserts To Try Atleast Once
Image Credit: Guava Cheesecake/unsplash

One of the oldest fruits known to mankind is amrood or guava. This fruit has is native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America and one of the largest produced fruits in India. Did you know that this humble fruit is loaded with many benefits? It has vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants and thus, could be a great immunity booster. It contains manganese, vitamin A and folate and benefits the body in so many ways. Isn’t it great? 

You may have guavas in so many ways, but have you ever tried guava-based desserts? Yes, these desserts show the versatility of guavas and let you dive into the magic of this heavenly fruit. These desserts are too easy and too delicious to handle. Have a look at them: 

Guava Kheer 

What are your thoughts about indulging in a fruity flavour kheer at the comfort of your home? Giving a modern twist to several traditional dishes can never be a bad idea. One great example of this is Guava Kheer. Made up of guava, sugar, milk, sugar and flavoured with green cardamom and nuts, this kheer is worth a try.  

Guava Bread Pudding 

If you are looking to have something sweet, moist and cinnamon-spiced, you must try this scrumptious bread pudding drizzled with a homemade guava caramel sauce and candied maple pecans. Made with just a few ingredients, this guava bread pudding is easy to make and delicious to taste. 

Guava Cheesecake 

No matter what occasion it is, cheesecakes can never disappoint you. Among the so many cheesecake varieties that you may have tried, did you ever taste a guava cheesecake? To make this decadent treat, just make guava paste and pour it over the cheesecake base. 

Guava Halwa 

Halwas have been ruling our hearts for ages. From rich gajar ka halwa to soothing sooji ka halwa, there are a few varieties that we absolutely love. Made with just a few ingredients, this fruit halwa gets ready in a couple of minutes. To make this halwa, you just need guava, condensed milk, khoya and ghee.  

Guava Ice-Cream 

Is there anyone who can say no to ice-cream? No season can stop us from enjoying our favourite ice cream. When it is scrumptious and soothing guava ice-cream, there is nothing that can stop us. If you love your ice-cream all fruit, guava ice-cream is what you need.