6 Breakfast Dishes To Try For Healthy Weight Gain
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Several people struggle to gain weight for various reasons, including genetics, the nutritional quality of food, and a small appetite. To enable healthy weight gain, it’s vital to eat balanced meals that incorporate sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. Similarly, one must never skip breakfast, as this meal supplies the body with the energy necessary to function effectively for the rest of the day. Skipping this meal could result in issues such as loss of focus and the development of fatigue.

Popular breakfast items, including eggs and whole-grain cereals, can help with healthy weight gain. However, by themselves, these foods probably won’t aid in packing the pounds. Therefore, it’s advisable to pair them with more potent sources of good fats to fulfil the objective of weight gain. This article will explore various breakfast dishes that will stimulate positive weight gain. Remember not to binge on the below dishes, as that could spur unhealthy weight gain, which could lead to high cholesterol and other harmful ailments.

Check out a list of breakfast dishes to try out for healthy weight gain.

Sabudana Cutlets

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An article entitled “Sago supplementation for recovery from cycling in a warm-humid environment and its influence on subsequent cycling physiology and performance” published in the Taylor & Francis Online Journal states that sabudana can potentially increase the body’s capacity for exercise; therefore, it’s a suitable breakfast food. Being a resistant starch, the food is also high in calories; pair it with potatoes to form cutlets for healthy weight gain.

Cheese Omelette

Combine eggs and cheese to craft a nutritious and delicious cheese omelette. Being dairy products, both cheese and eggs have certain percentages of fat; similarly, they’re also protein-rich foods. Not only will this meal refresh and energise you to face the day, but when consumed in the correct quantities, it will also help engender healthy weight gain. You can also stuff the omelette with vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes for added taste.

Granola With Greek Yoghurt

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Granola is a protein-packed food comprising a range of ingredients, such as rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, and muesli. Pair this crunchy treat with Greek yoghurt to elevate the dish’s nutrient composition and also encourage healthy weight gain. Greek yoghurt packs sufficient quantities of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamin B; alongside granola, it serves as a filling as well as a nourishing source of gradual weight gain.

Banana Pancakes With Fruits

Banana pancakes with fruits are an ideal breakfast item for healthy weight gain as they combine several essential nutrients into a single dish. For instance, bananas are high in fibre and carbohydrates, whereas pancake batter comprises protein-rich eggs and curd. Similarly, fruits, such as berries, kiwis, and apples, provide vitamins and fibre. Together, these items form a healthy and satisfying plate of breakfast.

Paneer Parathas

Blend protein-packed cottage cheese with spices, such as chillies, ginger, and turmeric, to form nutritious and flavourful paneer parathas. Parathas are typically made from a wheat-based dough, which is rich in carbohydrates. Savour the parathas with generous helpings of ghee, which is a source of good fats, to enjoy a wholesome and delicious breakfast designed to spur healthy weight gain.

Peanut Butter Smoothie

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According to Harvard Medical School, peanut butter is a healthy source of fat and is also endowed with a host of nutrients, such as potassium and fibre. Blend the peanut butter with milk and yoghurt to craft a creamy, delectable, and calorie-dense smoothie. You can add more calorie-rich items for garnish, including nuts like almonds and walnuts, both of which are also loaded with vitamins and minerals.