Cheese And Meat To All Things Fried: These Charcuterie Platters Are A Must-Try
Image Credit: Pexels.

If you’re wondering how to make your next movie night at home an exciting affair, then you should remember that the way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach. The perfect movie experience isn’t one with a bucket of popcorn in your hand, but the one with a charcuterie platter on your lap. What is a  charcuterie platter you ask? It’s a snack board with all of your favourite treats! If you’re wondering how to make the perfect charcuterie platter for your next movie night, here are a few suggestions : 

The healthy binge : fruits, veggies, cheese and meats 

Being on a health spree, doesn’t necessarily mean that your charcuterie platter has to be boring and minimal. By making smart food choices, you can diet and yet enjoy a snack board. For fitness enthusiasts, some of the best snacks to build your platter with are - various types of cheese, as they are a great source of protein. You need to choose cheese that is of a variety textures (eg soft, hard, crumbly) and display them differently. You can start by cutting a few of your cheese varieties like Gouda in to wedges, a few in to squares like Feta and some cheese like Mozzarella can be stacked in slices. While making a healthy charcuterie platter, make sure to include meats like salami or sausages. The way to display thinner meats is to fold them in circular cones, while the bigger meats could be cut in the shape of half moons and fanned out, for visual appeal. Don’t forget to add crackers and plenty of seasonal fruits like grapes, watermelons, mangoes and more to your platter. 

All things fried: Momos, fries, chicken wings, spring rolls, chicken nuggets and more 

This is the most amazing charcuterie platter for foodies. While curating the all things fried platter, you don’t need to hold back. Fried dimsums, fries, kebabs, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, spring rolls - anything and everything goes. The way to take this platter up a notch is making sure that you have multiple dips. Some of the dips that go well with fried foods include tartar sauce, Thai sweet chilly sauce, garlic aioli, Thai peanut dipping sauce and a tzatziki dip. If eating fried food becomes difficult to digest, you could also load your snack platter with a side salad and vinaigrette to gorge on some fibrous ingredients. 

Candy rush: shakkar paare, cupcakes, wafers, donuts, mini Nutella sandwiches 

All of your sweet cravings are going to be satiated with the candy rush charcuterie platter. You can customise this platter according to your favourite dessert choices. You can choose to load the platter with Indian sweets like laddus, kaju kati, shakkar pare and milk-cake. If you enjoy western cuisine more, then you can choose donuts, wafers, Nutella sandwiches and cupcakes for your platter indulgence instead.