Cheers To Nagaland’s First Organic Dragon Fruit Wine

There is no dearth of creativity these days and so we see coming up with something interesting and innovative al time. And talking about innovations fruit wines are not new as if you travel to Himachal or Coorg as you will loaded with options like Apple, Chiku, Banana, ginger and more. But for the first time in the country, a woman entrepreneur from Nagaland Lucy Ngullie has launched 100% organic fruit wine that us made out of Dragon Fruit. Sounds exotic right? 

Lucy Ngullie who lives in Dimapur district’s Shitovi village has created an unique fruit wine with dragon fruit that grows in Ngullie’s ‘Dream Dragon Fruit Farm’. The wine was also formally launched by the Public Relations Officer of the Dimapur, Lolano Patton. 

She had learned the art of wine making from a Philippino winemaker and all ingredients that goes in making the dragon fruit wine is organic as the dragon fruit that grows in her farm is pesticide and chemical free along with all ingredients are directly imported from Canada. Ngullie is of the view that from her new organic winery venture she wants to add some value to the whole and the sustainable dragon fruit farming that she has been doing over the past few years. She feels that Naga farmers should be self-sufficient and resourceful instead of depending only on the government funding.

This organic wine is surely making heads turning heads and is quiet a rage. So, while visiting Nagaland make sure to pick you bottle. And for those looking for more variety of fruit wine’s here’s the list

Naara Aaba

This winery is a delight for all Kiwi lovers as Naara Aaba is known for producing India’s very first organic Kiwi wine that too from Arunachal Pradesh. They make kiwi wine from kiwi’s that has been freshly plucked from the Ziro valley. The organic kiwi’s are processed to get this fine quality wines. Today the brand has also forayed in making Pear and Peach Wines. 

Wildberry Beverages

We all know what Mahabaleshwar is famous for and enchasing on the same, Wildberry Beverages have launched the strawberry wine. These organic strawberries are picked and fermented with all special aroma enhancing yeasts and enzymes. They use a unique production technique. So ‘Come On Charlie!’ is the hardwork of Sangramsinh’s, Sagar’s labour of love and of Dominic’s, who spent a good part of a year away from Canada to make one of India’s finest and purest Strawberry Wine.

Fruzzanté- Hill Zill Wines

This brand is known for their Chikoo wines. The brainchild of Priyanka Save, Fruzzanté chikoo wines are all gluten free, vegan, and made with no added colour / flavour. With 6% alcohol, the chikoo wines are made from locally sourced fruit and sees a tasting note that is sweet with hints of Vanilla and Caramel reminiscent of the sweetness of the chikoos from the region. Don’t be surprised to see a Fruzzanté Mango, an alcoholic beverage that is made from Mangoes of Konkan region.