Cheeni To Banana: Top 7 Sweet Varieties Of Paratha To Try

The finished product is a delicious fusion of flavours and textures that makes for a filling snack that goes well with yoghurt, honey, or other sweets. Sweet parathas, which combine the delights of bread and dessert, give a distinctive touch to classic Indian food. Here are some varieties of sweet parathas that one must try:

1. Cheeni Paratha: 

With its distinct taste and texture, Cheeni Paratha, or sugar paratha, is a delicious variation of sweet paratha that captivates the mouth. The dough for parathas is enhanced with sugar, ghee, and cardamom for a fragrant, warming touch. It results in a flatbread that is pan-fried until golden brown, giving it a crisp exterior with layers of tender, sweet inside. The delicate, flaky layers are harmoniously balanced by the mild sweetness. A delicious treat that may be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert is cheeni paratha. Its lovely texture and comforting sweetness make it a beloved option in Indian cooking that appeals to both young and old.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

2. Khoya Paratha: 

The delicious sweet paratha variant known as khoya paratha comes from Indian cooking. Thanks to the infusion of sugar and cardamom into the khoya (reduced milk solids) filling, the taste is the ideal balance of richness and sweetness. The outside layer of the texture is sharp, while the inner layers are soft and flaky, creating a symphony of layers. The khoya melts while cooking, resulting in a rich, oozy centre. Khoya Paratha, usually consumed for breakfast or as a dessert, is a delicious dish that blends the comforting qualities of classic parathas with the decadence of a sweet filling.

3. Chocolate Paratha: 

A tasty take on sweet paratha, chocolate paratha has a deep, decadent flavour. Each layer of the paratha dough is imbued with a chocolatey essence created by infusing it with cocoa powder or melted chocolate. The dough's tenderness and the melting chocolate's oozy richness combine to create a pleasing mouthfeel. Cooking turns the chocolate into a rich filling that makes for a warm, opulent treat. Chocolate paratha offers a delicious blend of sweetness and cocoa goodness and is often served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar or a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

4. Coconut paratha: 

A sweet version of paratha, coconut paratha satisfies the tongue with its distinct flavour and texture. The dough has a slightly sweet taste that is enhanced by the addition of grated coconut and sugar. The natural oils from the coconut escape when the paratha cooks, giving the bread a hint of tropical flavour. The end product is a delicate, flaky texture that mixes the comforting warmth of a well-made paratha with the richness of coconut. Among the many tasty and varied paratha varieties, coconut paratha is a particularly sweet and delightful dessert that is often eaten with yoghurt or drizzled with ghee.

5. Gulab Jamun Paratha: 

Jamun Gulab The flavour and texture of paratha, a delicious type of sweet paratha, entice the senses. The essence of the iconic Indian delicacy, gulab jamun, is infused into the paratha. With hints of cardamom, saffron, and the delicate sweetness of condensed milk, it has a robust flavour profile. Its flaky yet velvety texture creates a lovely contrast. The flavour of gulab jamun unfurls as you bite into the layers, resulting in a harmonious fusion of sweet, fragrant delight. This unusual paratha offers a delicious blend of the well-loved Indian classics and is best enjoyed warm.

6. Jaggery Paratha: 

Jaggery paratha, a delightful variety of sweet paratha, combines the rich flavours of jaggery with the comforting warmth of whole wheat. The filling, made by incorporating grated jaggery into the dough, results in a sweet and aromatic blend. When cooked, the paratha achieves a soft, flaky texture with a subtle crunch from caramelised jaggery bits. The overall taste is a harmonious balance of sweetness and the wholesome earthiness of whole wheat. Often complemented with a dollop of ghee, jaggery paratha offers a satisfyingly indulgent experience, making it a popular choice for breakfast or dessert.

7. Banana Paratha: 

A sweet take on the classic Indian flatbread, banana paratha is well-known for its mouthwatering flavour and distinctive texture. Wheat flour is combined with mashed, ripe bananas to make a sweet and fragrant dough. Cooked on a griddle, the paratha gets a crust that is golden brown and encases a soft, moist inside. The natural sweetness of the banana is enhanced by flavourful notes of nutmeg or cardamom. Banana paratha is a beloved option for breakfast or a sweet treat because it provides a delicious blend of sweetness and warmth when served with a dollop of ghee or yoghurt.