Mumbai and vada pav are inextricably linked. So much so that everybody visiting the city must try the city's famous street food. The dish is so well-known that you'll find vada pav vendors in every neighbourhood. Everyone in the city, including college students, families, and working people, adores their vada pav. Many people have experimented with making unique variants of the traditional dish over the years. Here are some vada pav variants that give a new twist to your favourite snack:

Butter vada pav

Butter vada pav is quite simple to make. Simply spread melted butter on the open bun, then sprinkle with dried coconut and garlic chutney. Place the batata vada on the bun's interior surface and brush with butter. On a hot tawa, roast it for 2 minutes. Serve with green or red chutney on the side.

Schezwan vada pav

With schezwan sauce, add a Chinese flavour to your vada pav and mix in fried vegetables (cabbage, carrot, capsicum and spring onion). Make Chinese fried vegetables with these vegetables and 1 teaspoon of schezwan sauce. Apply this mixture to the open bun and top with fried vada. The schezwan vada pav has been prepared. Enjoy desi vada pav with Chinese tadka.

Image credit: Instagram @bvegcafe

Cheese vada pav

Even with regular vada pav, you can indulge in a cheesy experience. Place a cheese slice, as well as green and red dried chutney, on the open bun. Place the fried vada on top of the cheese slice, close the bread, and roast for 2 minutes on a hot tawa. Serve with a sweet and sour chutney on the side.

Vada pav fondue

A fondue is frequently served alongside desserts, and this is where they shine. But we'll concede that vada pav fondue is far more delicious than it sounds. The dish is a must-try for everyone who enjoys vada pav and cheese.

The food is presented in a completely different way than it is generally offered on the streets. To give it a new flavour, the vada is laced with spices and cheese and served with a gooey cheese fondue.

Maggi vada pav

Maggi and Indians are inextricably linked. The instant noodles are like comfort food for us. Would you like it in a vada pav, though? Instead of the traditional vada, this one is packed with properly cooked Maggi and served with fried chillies and your choice of chutney. Choose between green or meethi chutney and enjoy this dish that combines two of your favourite foods.

Bao wow pav

If you like Chinese food, you've probably had your fill of schezwan vada pav. So, if you're in the mood to try something different, go to Social and get their version of the traditional Maharashtrian dish. The ‘bao wow pav’ is a crispy fried vada wrapped in a bao in Asian style. The pav comes with a variety of sides, including garlic chutney, mayonnaise, and masala fries.