Chausela And More: 5 Underrated Dishes From Chhattisgarh
Image Credit: Unsplash

Indian food is known for its richness and versatility. After every few kilometers in India, one can see a significant change in the language and in the food. From North to South, every single state offers a unique set of dishes that sets it apart and makes it special. Chhattisgarh is no exception. Also known as “dhaan ka katora” because of paddy cultivation on an extensive scale, Chhattisgarh’s cuisine is known for its use of locally available ingredients, and it includes a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Rice, being the staple food in Chhattisgarh, is often served with a variety of lentils and pulses. While rice is predominant, various types of rotis and bread are also part of Chhattisgarhi cuisine. Chhattisgarhi cuisine varies from region to region within the state due to cultural and tribal influences. The cuisine is known for its simplicity, use of local ingredients, and balance of flavors, making it a unique and flavorful part of India's culinary heritage.

If you want to take a glimpse of rich Chhattisgarhi cuisine, here are 5 underrated dishes that you should know about.


Chousela or rice poori is a unique Chhattisgarhi flatbread made from coarsely ground rice. This poori is made up of cooked rice flour transformed into a dough, rolled into small, thick pooris, and fried in oil just like the usual wheat puri griddle. Chousela is typically served with a flavourful aloo ki Sabji and tomato chutney prepared not using any mixer but on “silbatta”. 

Batkar Kadhi

From Gujarati kadhi with a hint of sweetness to Punjabi kadhi with flavourful pakodas, there are many kadhi varieties enjoyed in India. And one lesser-known variety is Batkar kadhi. This kadhi has a twist of masoor dal. This kadhi has masoor dal, curd, and spices. It offers a taste as well as high nutritional value.

Bore Basi

Considered a superfood, especially during summer, Bore Basi is a simple rice dish from Chhattisgarh. Similar to Pakhala from Odisha, Panta Bhat from Bengal, and Poita Bhat in Assam, ‘Bore Basi' is a dish made from leftover rice. This is a very basic fermented rice meal that has cooling properties. It also has several essential nutrients and is considered the common’s man food.

Tikhur Barfi

You must have tried several barfis, but have you ever tried the special tikhur barfi from Chhattisgarh? This barfi is made up of tikhur, a commonly consumed starchy ingredient during fasts. It has cooling properties and makes up a delicious dessert. Want the recipe? Here you go!

Dubki Kadhi

Chhattisgarh’s dubki kadhi is similar to Punjab’s pakoda wali kadi but the only difference is in its preparation method. This one-pot curd dish is named “dubki” because the small dumplings it has, are cooked in the kadhi itself. The dumplings are made up of soaked and ground urad dal and dropped into the kadhi. This kadhi is super tasty and comforting.