9 Famous And Traditional Rice Dishes Of Chhattisgarh
Image Credit: Rice Dishes Of Chhattisgarh

In 2000, Chhattisgarh was carved out of the largest central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh and became a new state known for its tradition and culture. The cities of this state, Raipur and Bhilai, are rich in mineral wealth and famous for their natural beauty. But today, we will talk about the food and beverage of the people here. First, let us tell you that there is a high yield of paddy in this state, and hence it's also known as the rice bowl of India. This is why you can see the rice or paddy influence in its traditional dishes are eaten more here. 

So let's know about the famous rice recipes of Chhattisgarh

  • Thethri: It is a namkeen recipe made from gram and rice flour; thethri is specially prepared during the festival of Teej. Do you know this nimki is also eaten with great passion in Madhya Pradesh?
  • Chausela: This is a traditional Chhattisgarhi recipe. These are puris made up of rice flours mixed with ajwain. Chausela is specially made in festivals like Teej-Pora, Hareli and Cherchera.
  • Papchi: This sweet snack made from wheat and rice flour taste like balushahi. Papchi's speciality is that it's cooked on low flame, due to which it looks and tastes crispy and delicious.
  • Khurmi: This traditional sweet looks and tastes like shakkarpare, made from wheat and rice flour. Moreover, the coconut, jaggery, and chironji seeds enhance the flavour of khurmi.
  • Gulgula: This is a sweet recipe made from wheat and rice flour. Gulgule is made by mixing jaggery in the flour mixture, frying in oil and tasting like gulab jamuns.
  • Angakar: A thick roti of wheat and rice is Angakar in Chattisgarh. Do you know that this bread is baked or cooked on coal?
  • Tasmai: It is a kheer made from milk, rice, and jaggery. Tasmai is specially made for festivals and happy occasions.
  • Dehrori: A coarse rice recipe made by grinding and mixing rice with sugar syrup. It tastes pretty similar to rasgulla.
  • Airsa: It is made from rice flour and jaggery. Airsa is fried on low flame, and it looks like thekua in appearance.

Is your heart aching to eat these recipes? Then what's the delay? Try these Chhattisgarhi rice recipes today and keep reading Slurrp to know about such unique dishes.