Charred Glazed Roasted Baby Carrots: Great for Vegans
Image Credit: Charred Carrots

Who could’ve thought that the humble looking carrot would lend itself so perfectly to roasting and yet retain its inherent sweetness? This root vegetable is a good source of fibre, with one medium sized carrot providing about two-three grams. The carrot also ranks low on the glycemic (GI) index which means that it is great for diabetic patients. The GI is lowest for raw carrots and slightly higher for cooked ones.

Carrots comprise water and carbs and taste great in stews and soups. Adding shredded or grated carrots to salads and soups or baby carrots munched with a variety of dips like hummus are a big favourite for those trying to lose weight. They taste just as well in delicacies such as gajar ka halwa, a favourite of many in India, particularly in the winter months. One can also try carrot juice or make carrot juliennes mixed with shredded cabbage as a side dish. In this dish which roasts carrots in maple syrup and soy sauce, the carrots are kept whole while being cooked. The recipe is simple as its effective when it comes to retaining the goodness of this root vegetable. 


The carrot comes in several colours including purple, white yellow, although the popular ones are available in either red, black or orange shades. These are all domesticated forms of Daucus Carota, which is native to Southwest Asia. All these colours are imbued with various levels and types of anti-oxidants. Red, which are the most popular, carrots contain lycopene, while the yellow ones have lutein. The Orange carrots are high in beta carotene while the purple ones are rich in anthocyanins. The Vitamin A in carrots protects the DNA from damage. 

Preparation time: 10 minutes 

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes 

Servings: 3 - 4 servings 


    500 gms – peeled baby carrots

    1½ tbsp – dark soy sauce

    ½ tbsp Maple syrup 

    Salt to taste

    1/2 tbsp – red chilly powder

    6 garlic cloves – roughly crushed

    ½ lemon juice

    1 tbsp - olive oil 


    Wash and peel the baby carrots

    In a bowl take dark soy sauce

    Add maple syrup 

    Add chilly powder

    Add salt to taste 

    Add roughly crushed garlic cloves

    Add lemon juice 

    Add olive oil 

    Add the carrots 

    Mix all the ingredients really well. Emulsification with oil takes a couple of minutes. And the carrots have to be well coated 

    Heat a thick bottomed pan

    Pour the mixture into it 

    Cook till the carrots are soft 

    Continue to roast the carrots on stovetop or roast them in a preheated oven at 200 degrees centigrade

    Garnish with some fresh cilantro 

    Serve hot