Charge Yourself Up Instantly With These Food Items
Image Credit: Greek yogurt is an instant energy booster

We have officially entered the festive season. We have multiple events, gatherings and parties. There are too many people we have to meet, many activities we will indulge in and several events that we will be attending. This is the time to dance our hearts out– from garba to dandiya to dhunuchi naach. As much joy as this season gives, it requires a lot of energy from us. We have to be full, but not too full and you have to be hydrated all the time. And even if you do take all the necessary precautions, there are chances that you might just feel exhausted and need something to charge you up. And what better than some food items?

There are a lot of food items that give you energy that you need the most while attending such events, before or after working out or even before and after keeping a long fast. So, let us look at some of these foods, fruits or dishes that have the capacity to provide your body with instant energy.

Greek yogurt 

The one macro-nutrient that provides you with the maximum energy is undoubtedly protein. And greek yogurt has enough amount of protein to give you some quickfire energy. You can have it just plain or with nuts or add any flavours to it, according to your taste.


It is debatable whether to call bananas berries or fruits, but what is non-debatable is the fact that bananas are a great source of energy. They have always been in the good books of dancers, performers and athletes for being that one food which gives them a shot of instant energy.


One of those food items that are looked at as nothing beyond its flavour, mint is actually quite a great energy source. While you are training, playing some sport or doing heavy cardio, having mint can actually make you feel extremely refreshed. Carry a bottle of water with mint and just sip on it to feel fresh and you will know how amazingly well this unconventional method works.


Eggs are full of protein


When talking about protein, it is a sin if you leave out eggs. Taking a couple of half-boiled eggs with you when you are going for a tedious job or a long trip or even a high energy party can be one of the best decisions you make. They are filling and provide you with the right amount of protein to replenish your drained energy bank. 

Coconut water 

The best natural drink that you can sip on if you feel drained is undoubtedly coconut water. It is cooling, calming and refreshing and makes you feel better instantly. Coconut water contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus—which are the five major electrolytes. This essentially means that this drink has the capacity to get you on your feed almost immediately. 

So, have these food items in case you are feeling like you are losing energy or even when you have to prepare for a long day of festivities. Natural remedies like eating these foods are way better than relying on external factors. Additionally, do not forget to hydrate yourselves. Happy festivities, everyone!