Chana Dal Dhokla To Pesarattu: 5 High Protein Indian Breakfasts You Can Make Without Eggs
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Eggs are often dubbed as the best bio-available source of protein, which means, it is the best food of which your body can assimilate most protein. But India being house to millions of vegetarians, sure knows how to get its dose of protein, the vegan and vegetarian way. If you look around in your kitchen pantry, you would find plenty of items to rustle up a breakfast that is not just filling, but flavourful and nutritious too. Ingredients such as paneer or cottage cheese, besan, chana or chana dal, beans and oats can be used to make many delicious breakfast items that are absolutely desi at heart, and pleasing to the core.  

Protein is often called the building block of life, it helps build muscle, improve skin health, hair and ensures there is less fat accumulation. You see, if you build more muscle, the less room there is for fat. This ensures healthy weight management too. Protein, like fibre, is also very filling, so if you have a nice, high-protein breakfast in the morning, you can successfully fight the urge to binge on high-fat and high-sodium snacks like chips, muffins, cookies.

So without further ado, here are a few high protein dishes you can make without eggs

Dal Ka Paratha

Paratha is an Indian flatbread that has many avatars in this country, Some make it small and soft, some flaky and crisp. Dal ka paratha is made with a  dough that has been mixed with lentils and spices. This super savoury, super healthy breakfast can be paired with pickles or chutney.

Oats Idli

Idli is a steamed, south Indian breakfast that looks like, puffy cakes. It is traditionally made with a rice batter, but here, it gets a high protein upgrade with an oat-based batter. Chunks of veggies make this breakfast dish more colourful and appetising.  

Moong Dal Cheela

One of the most beloved breakfasts of North India. Cheela is a crepe or pancake-like dish made with a batter, some mild spices and veggies. The batter used here is Moong Dal, arguably India’s most beloved dal. This savoury cheela, with hints of chillies and chopped onions, are a hit with kids too.  


Pesarattu is a kind of dosa hailing from Andhra Pradesh. It is made of green mung beans. It is instant, filling and replete with protein. You can pair it with hot ginger or coconut chutney, and we are sure you are going to savour every bite.

Chana Dal Dhokla

Soft and puffy dhoklas made with chana dal batter instead of besan, are undoubtedly a fun way to kickstart mornings. Dhokla is a popular Gujarati breakfast, since it is not fried and steamed, it helps cut down on many calories too. You can pair it with chutney or chillies for the best experience.