Chaitra Navratri 2024: 7 Singhara Atta Snacks For Late Night
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Singhara flour opens up a world of tasty possibilities for cooking quick and fast-friendly meals. With its versatility, delicious flavour, and easy-to-use nature, it's always been a top choice for fasting meals, with numerous nutritional benefits.

Singhara atta is obtained from water chestnuts, an underwater fruit mainly available during winter, but its flour is available all year round. Due to its strange shape, it is called devil pod, bat nut, and buffalo nut. Since it grows underwater, it is also referred to as Paaniphal in many parts of India.

This fruit is permitted to be included in fasting meals, and its flour can be made in several different ways to fill the fasting platter with nutrients. It is exceptionally good when you want to prepare something quick for late night. Try these easy singhara snack recipes tonight.

7 Singhara Atta Snacks To Nibble When Hunger Strikes

1) Baked Singhara Flour Aloo Bonda

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Deep-fried upwas aloo bonda is a common recipe, but since it's deep-fried, all the nutritional benefits are lost. Opt for baking or air-frying methods to make your aloo bonda oil-free, and keep the batter slightly thick to prevent it from running.

2) Singhara Upwas Wraps With Falhar Filling

You may have tried roti with singhara flour for your Navratri thali. The same roti can serve as a wrap to hold all your upwas fillings in one snack. You can fill it with fruit custard or upwas wale aloo and create a wholesome meal quickly.

3) Singhara Atta Halwa

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Singhara atta halwa has a holy taste in every bite, with mild and aromatic flavours from cardamom and cinnamon. It is satisfying to scoop every bit of it one by one and savour it gradually for lasting contentment.

4) Singhara Papdi

Singhara atta baked papdi can be a base for many other delectable snack recipes, perfect for late-night satisfaction. Top the papdis with fruits or boiled potatoes and garnish it with ground peanuts, singhara sev, and everything you like.

5) Paneer Popcorn With Singhara Batter

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If you are craving delicious paneer popcorn, this upwas version will blow your mind. Tiny bits of paneer wrapped with thick singhara batter and air-fried to golden perfection give a delightful taste, and you nibble. Don't forget to season your batter before using it for cooking.

6) Singhara Atta Fritters

With singhara atta and some vrat friendly vegetables, you can quickly make delicious fritters on a pan. Simply grate carrots, potatoes, beets and whatever fast vegetable you want to include, season it with rock salt, add in batter and make healthy pancakes in just a few minutes.

7) Singhara Atta Filled Bati

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Singhara atta can be a perfect ingredient to make healthy gluten-free batis for your vrat feast. Just knead a soft dough with singhara flour, and convert it to small balls. Fill these balls with ground peanuts, and bake them to perfection.

With just one ingredient, you can craft so many recipes in no time to fulfil your Navratri fast with some fun and nourishment. When you feel low on energy during a fast, you can quickly make these wholesome singhara atta snacks and give yourself a boost.