Chaitra Navratri 2023: Fruity Desserts To Have While Fasting
Image Credit: Mango Phirni

Navratri is one of the fondly celebrated festivals in India. Chaitra Navratri is around the corner and devotees are all set to fast and worship the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. While fasting, there are certain do’s and don'ts when it comes to the food. The ones observing fast ought to follow certain rules and transform their food’s key ingredients with some vrat-friendly ingredients. While the regular salt must be replaced with rock salt, the normal wheat flour gets replaced by buckwheat and water chestnut flour. But the one thing you can have no matter if you are fasting or not is fruits. 

Fruits provide natural sugar to the body and keep the body hydrated. They provide the right amount of nutrients and minerals to the body and help in surviving the day-long fasts. You can have fruits raw, in the form of juices, smoothies, salads or shakes. But we brought an innovative rather tasty way to have these fruits during the Navratri fast. Why don’t you transform these fruits into some yummy desserts? Yes! We have brought some easy and tasty fruity desserts you can make and relish during your Navratri fasts. 

Apple Kheer 

Apple kheer not just is delicious but power-packed with so many minerals and nutrients. All you have to do is take some apples and grate them. Cooked the grated apple with milk, sugar, cardamom powder and nuts of your choice. This delicious kheer gets ready in no time and is the best to have apples. 

Orange Barfi 

Barfi is a famous dessert across the country especially in North India. Mainly made up of khoya, barfi comes in a variety of flavours and shapes. Orange barfi is the exotic touch to this desi dessert and can be made very easily. All you need is some oranges, sugar, ghee, nuts and grated coconut to make vrat-friendly fruity dessert at home. 

Mango Phirni 

With the onset of summer, mangoes have started coming to the market. When we have mangoes, what else could we want?? This droolworthy mango phirni looks royal and tastes royal but gets ready in a couple of minutes. Give your desi phirni a desi touch with mangoes and have the best time. You can have this for Navratri and also serve it to your friends who are fasting. 

Papaya Halwa 

If you love papaya, you would not be able to say no to this delicious halwa. All you need to make this halwa is a ripened papaya, some milk, sugar, cardamom powder and nuts. You can have this halwa without any guilt during your Navratri fast. It is tasty as well as healthy. 

Banana Shrikhand 

If you have had a Maharashtrian or a Gujarati thali, you know what shrikhand is. This dessert has been transformed into a fruity avatar for Navaratri fasts. All you need is some curd, banana, sugar, warm milk and cardamom to make this popular dessert and have it while fasting for Navratri. 

What say? Aren’t these fruity desserts amazing? Do share your views!