Celebrate This World Whisky Day With Cocktails From The Royal Bars Of Rajasthan
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A glass of whisky with the company of good friends makes our life seem perfect, isn’t that true? Often termed as a gentleman’s drink, there’s more to whisky than its fine taste and smoothness. The golden drink is a favourite at most bars - be it the classic on the rocks or with chilled water or a splash of soda, whisky is a favourite of many. And a proof of its popularity is World Whisky Day, which is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of May (this year, it falls on May 21). 

An annual, global day of whisky, which invites everyone to try a dream and celebrate the water of life, is celebrated by whisky lovers worldwide with tastings, events and gatherings. World Whisky Day is simply about making whisky fun for all, not about being exclusive. 

Now the art of drinking whisky can be tricky for some, while others may not be familiar with the different types of whisky – single malts, single cask and blends, some may not be used to the taste of it, and may not like it straight up. On the occasion of World Whisky Day, we have got some whisky cocktails for those who aren’t a whisky aficionado and ‘on the rocks’ isn’t their game. Fret not, you can still enjoy a glass or two with some classic whisky cocktails.  

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Here are some cocktails straight from some of the royal bars of Rajasthan - Narendra Bhawan Bikaner and Suryagarh Jaisalmer.  

Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner has a unique cocktail with Bourbon whisky, orange juice, sugar and jalapeno syrup, which we think is sure to lend an electrifying flavour to your palate. On the other hand, Suryagarh in Jaisalmer has some of the classics like Whisky Sour and Old Fashioned. The former is a summery concoction of whisky, lemon and sugar, making for a refreshing cocktail that is sure to get you hooked and make another round. Old Fashioned is made by muddling sugar with bitters and water, adding whisky and garnishing with orange slices or zest. The roots of this cocktail go all the way back to the 1800s, and is the one drink that summarises the first recorded definition of the cocktail category in general (circa 1806), which called for spirits, sugar, water and bitters. So, if you are looking for classics, these two can be your pick. 

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner 

1. Darbari Gold 


Jim Beam - 45ml  

Orange juice - 45ml 

Sugar syrup - 15 ml 

Jalapeno syrup - 30ml 

Campari - to top up 


1. Mix all the ingredients into the shaker and shake it well.  

2. Serve in the old-fashioned glass and top up with the Campari.   

Suryagarh Jaisalmer 

1. Whisky Sour


Bourbon whiskey - 3 

Fresh lemon juice - 2 

Simple syrup - 1 part


1. Mix ingredients and serve in an old-fashioned glass.

2. Top it with maraschino cherry/orange zest.

2. Old Fashioned 


Bourbon whisky - 45ml 

Sugar - 1 cube  

Angostura bitters - few dashes  

Soda water - few dashes


1. Mix all the ingredients and serve in an old-fashioned glass.

2. Garnish with an orange zest.