Father's Day is approaching, and we all know how puzzled everyone is about how to make this day special for their fathers. This Father's Day, take advantage of the opportunity to lavishly pamper the superhero in your life. Dad brings the world to you and pushes you to your limits in order to make you happy. Show your appreciation for his fatherhood and unending love this Father's Day with a bag of delectable Indian Mithai. Treat your father's sweet tooth by indulging on exquisite Indian delicacies. You can treat not only your father, but also your grandfather, uncle, or beloved male who is a father. Whether or not your father enjoys sweets, he will undoubtedly enjoy a selection of Indian delicacies. Here are some of the most popular Indian sweets to create a Celebration Hamper for your father and make him feel special. 


Ladoos are the most popular Indian sweet food all over the world. A large platter of ladoos is a must-have for any Indian gathering or celebration. Surprise your father with a box of favourites including Besan Ladoo, Motichoor Ladoo, Kari Ladoo, and Bundi Ladoo for Father's Day. 

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Pedas hail from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, and have garnered fans all over the world. There are several variations of these basic, bite-sized Indian sweets around the country. In addition, every city or state in India has its own variant of peda, each with its own unique ingredient or flavour. Take your father on a gourmet adventure with our Pedas variants this Father's Day. You can also try our Kesari Peda, Badam Malai Peda, or Mathura Peda in addition to the Rajbhog original Peda.


Burfis are traditional Indian milk sweets produced and enjoyed during festivities in India. Burfi has gone through various changes since it was first introduced. The availability of various components, such as fruits and nuts, influenced the creation of these varieties. Burfis are combined with foreign elements like chocolate, in addition to seasonal fruits and nuts. Try Besan Burfi, Badam Burfi, and Coconut Burfi if your father enjoys little, soft snacks with lots of flavour and texture. Offer him a box of our Mango Burfi if he enjoys mangoes with other delectable like Chocolate Burfi, Pista Mava Burfi, Three Color Burfi, and more fusion burfis in addition to the classics.


Halwa is an Indian sweet dish that can be cooked with wheat, dried fruits, or fresh vegetables, rich in ghee. Halwa is one of the best Father's Day Indian desserts since it has everything you want in it. So, don't put it off any longer and get your dad one of our Dry Fruit Halwa, Gajar Halwa, or Dudhi Halwa or the seasonal specialty. 

Kaju Katli  

 Kaju Katli, an Indian mithai made with cashews, is a popular sweet in India. If you want to give your father a rich and creamy dessert, Kaju katli is the way to go. The iconic Kaju Katlis will satisfy his sweet taste. You can also give him fusion treats such as our Mango Kaju Katli, Kaju Pista Roll, and Nut Roll. 

We hope you surprise your dad in the best possible way and celebrate the Father’s day on Sunday, 19 June with a lot of sweetness and mellow.