Celebrate This Diwali In Haryanvi Style

The most awaited time of the year is here, and we all are ready to indulge in some scrumptious food. Diwali is one such festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in almost every region of the country. Haryana is no exception. We cannot disagree on this that Haryana is a perfect destination for foodies as the food here is loaded with a lot of ghee. This state shares borders with Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan which also have an impact on Haryana's culinary culture. Let us know about some delicacies that take the center stage in this state during Diwali!!

Desi Khand Halwa

I am from Haryana, and I know the importance of desi khand. Suji ka halwa is a common delight enjoyed on almost every festival and special occasion in Haryana. On Diwali as well, the people in Haryana make halwa but this halwa doesn’t have regular sugar but desi khand. For those who don’t know, desi khand is a type of unrefined sugar that contains natural molasses. It can elevate the taste of your halwa to the next level, believe me.

Puri and Aloo ki Sabji

The food in Haryana is simple but too delicious. Even the simplest of the dishes like a gajar methi ki sabji with roti loaded with a lot of ghee and a glass of kachi lassi can satisfy your soul. Yet another humble yet delicious dish is aloo ki sabji which is made on Diwali in many households. Served with crispy pooris, this meal tastes so yummy and has the potential to make your Diwali magical.


Jalebi is not just a dessert but an emotion. This is something that you have not just during festivals but on almost every Khushi ka mauka. Isn’t it? Jalebi is eaten in the majority of households on Diwali. No matter where you are, jalebis are always available, and it gives a very homely kind of feeling. 


We cannot deny that kheer is an all-time favourite in India. This beautiful concoction of rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits is a must-have on Diwali in Haryana. Often paired with crispy and hot puris, kheer has the potential to entice all your senses. Just like Haryanvis, don’t miss having lip-smacking kheer this Diwali.

Kaddu ki sabji

This scrumptious dish made up of pumpkin goes well with roti, puri, and even rice. What else do you want? Earlier it was a tradition to make kaddu ki sabji on Diwali but now, this tradition has got confined to very few households. Why don’t you make this sabji at home this Diwali?

Here are the top delicacies cooked and eaten during Diwali in Haryana. Do let us know if you have been to Haryana and have tried all these delicacies there! 

Happy and Joyful Diwali!