Carrot Kheer: Sweetness Never Tasted This Good

Kheer takes up a significant share in Indian sweets and desserts preparations due to its health benefits, easy preparation and irresistible taste. Many people's favourite desserts, kheer recipes are prepared for special occasions . The most common variations are often cooked with rice or vermicelli.

Carrot kheer, also known as carrot payasam in South India, is one such nutritious kheer. Sweetened dessert dish made with shredded carrots and full cream milk that is rich and creamy. It is traditionally offered during the fasting season, but it can also be served for other special events and festivities. It is simple, quick and fuss-free to prepare, and it may be served warm or cold with a topping of certain ice creams. Fresh, nutritious carrots that are high in B carotene, nutritional fibres, and antioxidants must be used in this dish. While condensed milk shortens cooking time and offers a creamy texture, ghee and cardamom powder add a delicate taste and flavour.

The Memoir Of Kheer

Kheer is said to have originated over 2,000 years ago at the Lord Jagannath Temple in Orissa. It was traditionally offered as a special offering to the Hindu gods. Offering kheer to several Hindu temples extended throughout South Asia; the specific recipe was somewhat modified based on regional customs and preferences. Currently, kheer from Southern, Eastern, and Northern India differs significantly from one another.

Cooking Time: 40 Mins

Servings: 4


3 medium to large carrots , peeled and chopped roughly

3 to 4 green cardamoms , powdered and crushed or ½ teaspoon cardamom powder

1 cup thin coconut milk

1 cup Coconut Milk (Thick)

½ to ¾ cup powdered or grated jaggery or as required (depending on the sweetness of the carrots)

½ cup water for dissolving the powdered jaggery

A handful of cashews , halved or whole

A handful of raisins

1 pinch rock salt (edible and food grade)

2 to 3 tablespoon oil or ghee (clarified butter)

Boil the carrots in enough water till they become soft and completely cooked

Stir jaggery in 1/2 cup water and mix till the jaggery is dissolved

If there are impurities, then strain the jaggery solution

When the carrots are warm or cooled, blend them adding 1/4 cup water in a blender

Mix the carrot puree, thin coconut milk, jaggery solution, salt in a pot or kadai and keep on low flame

Gently heat through and occasionally stir

Don’t bring the mixture to a boil

Just let it get heated

When you see steam vapours floating on top above the payasam, switch off the fire

Stir in the thick coconut milk

In a small pan, heat oil or ghee

First add the cashews and when they start to change colour, add the raisins and cardamom powder

On a low flame, fry the cashew till they turn light golden or golden and the raisins swell and become golden

Pour this whole mixture into the payasam and stir

Serve the carrot payasam hot or warm or cold. 

It is an easy Indian sweet dish that is apt to make for any occasion or whenever you want to pamper yourself. The addition of grated carrots gives this creamy Kheer a crunch, which makes it even more irresistible.