Carbs Are Malaika Arora’s Favourite ‘Macro’ For Breakfast
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, Carb-loaded breakfast for this foodie actor.

Did you know that Malaika Arora is a also hardcore foodie? The fitness and fashion icon loves digging into good food, be it at home or while on a vacation. If one closely follows her Instagram stories, it becomes quite evident that she never says no to food and loves trying out new cuisines too. This weekend was full of carbs for Malaika, as she indulged in a lip-smacking breakfast spread.

Malaika took to her Instagram stories to share glimpses of her Sunday breakfast. While she was busy talking on the phone, the food that lay on her table looked absolutely delicious. We spotted avocado toasts topped with burrata and a fruit-loaded French toast with strawberries, blueberries and papaya paired with maple syrup. Then, on the far end, there were a few toasts, along with a plate of what looked like poha. One could also see a glass of cold coffee near the window.

She wrote on the picture, “Breakfast???”, and used a sticker that read, “Carbs are my favourite macro”. This tells us that Malaika loves to have carbs for breakfast very often. Not only do they keep you full for a long time, they also provide you with loads of energy to work throughout the day. However, this isn’t the only food story from yesterday. Later, we also saw her at a fancy restaurant in London. She was having oysters, served in the shell.

Looks like both Malaika and Arjun are in London for a vacation, as we see both of them sharing their nibbles time and again. The duo are big-time foodies and their vacations and outings are proof of the same. Moreover, Malaika loves having home-cooked food as much as she enjoys treats from outside. Coming back home from vacation, dal chawal and bhindi was her comfort food that she craved for. Then, even on sets, she carries her own dabba of ghar ka khana. We’re guessing that this is the secret to her fit looks and glowing skin.