Capsicum Recipes To Add An Extra Dose Of Vitamin C

Capsicum is the family of pepper plants, which includes sweet peppers such as bell peppers. Along with tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant, these peppers are members of the nightshade family. Although it is native to the Americas, this vegetable is grown and utilised all over the world in international cuisines and herbal medicines. The green kinds have a tendency to taste more bitter, capsicums are sweet and tart in flavour. Contrarily, bell peppers have a sweet flavour and a faint zing from the chemical "capsaicin," which gives chillies their tongue-burning feeling. In countries, like India, they are frequently referred to as capsicum. In America, they are known as "bell peppers," while the majority of Europe refers to them simply as pepper. 

The renowned explorer Christopher Columbus is credited for giving it the false moniker "pepper." Bell pepper is indigenous to South America and Mexico; however, when it was introduced to Europe, its name, pepper, was derived from the fact that at the time, any item that was somewhat spicily was linked to black peppercorns, a coveted spice from India. In addition to their sweet flavour and pleasant crunch, bell peppers are adored for their vibrant and bright hues, which make them the ideal ingredient to liven up ordinary recipes and produce some outstanding dishes. They are a great source of carotenoids and vitamin C because of their glossy red, green, yellow, orange, even purple and black colouring. There are many ways to prepare this lovely produce: toss them into salads, chop them into bits and use them to make vegetable kebabs, top homemade pizzas and pastas with them, or bake them by stuffing them with mouthwatering contents. Keep in mind that if you cook them on high heat for an extended period of time, they will lose all of their nutritional value. 

Capsicum Corn Tikki 

Capsicum is the ideal component to use when making a wonderful vegetable-based appetiser. Make these Corn and Capsicum Tikki for your upcoming party; they are an enticing snack thanks to their perfectly crisp exterior and incredibly soft interior. 

Stuffed Capsicum 

Stuffed with a delicious mixture of potatoes, raisins, cashews, paneer, and a variety of spices, garden green capsicums are a delicious appetiser. Serve it hot after baking it to perfection!

Fried Capsicum 

Fried Capsicum in Schezuan Sauce, an ingenious concoction that is crunchy and delicious to the core, may be served as an appetiser or as a side dish with the main course. It consists of batter-coated, deep-fried strips of capsicum that are mixed with delectable ingredients like spring onions, ginger, and green chilies, not to mention Schezuan sauce, which gives it a distinctively Oriental flavour. To enjoy this thrilling dish's incredible texture, eat it hot and fresh. 

Capsicum Poriyal  

Despite being a widely used vegetable in Chinese, North Indian, and other cuisines, many people do not, for some reason, link capsicum with South Indian cooking. This tasty and crispy vegetable is a popular dish there as well and is used in everything from sambhar and pachadi to poriyal. Capsicum Poriyal is simply a easy dry South Indian sabzi consisting of cubed capsicum cooked with a fragrant tempering and a dash of curds, nicely finished with a garnish of grated coconut. When cooking vegetables in this manner, such as brinjal, ladies' fingers, and capsicum, curds are added to prevent them from clinging to one another or charring. This allows the vegetables to cook uniformly and even slightly roast without turning colour.  

Capsicum Paneer Sweetcorn  

You've probably tasted the traditional combination of paneer and green peas, but this incredible dish pairs paneer with sweet corn and is spiced up with crunchy capsicum, green chilies, ginger, and other herbs and spices. One intriguing feature of this sabzi is that sweet corn is utilised both whole and in puree form, giving the dish a flavour that dominates and makes every mouthful enjoyable.