Can’t Get Enough Of Corn? Try These Super Desi Dishes
Image Credit: Image credits: This That More/Corn Palak, a rich corn dish to relish!

Whether it is drenched in butter or mixed with desi spices, topped on a pizza, or simply roasted, corn has a special place in our hearts. Without any doubt, we can that there is hardly any person who doesn’t love corn. We have a habit of stocking up fridges with corn as we absolutely love having them at literally any point of the day. But at times, we just run out of dishes that we can make using corn. It happens with everybody.

So, to overcome this problem, we have brought for you some super easy and desi dishes that you can make with corn. Believe me, once you see these dishes, there is no looking back. Wanna see? Please have look.

Corn Pakoras

I believe that Indians have the capability of transforming every other ingredient into pakoras or fritters. And corn is no exception. These corn pakoras are so easy and delicious that you might have never thought about them. All it needs is some besan, semolina, and some spices. Just like you make every other pakora, prepare a batter and add veggies and masalas of your choice. Then add corn kernels into the batter and scoop them into the oil. These could be the most innovative tea-time snacks you will ever try.

Cheese Corn Parantha

Get over cheese corn sandwich and have these cheese corn paranthas. Make a parantha like you usually do and for the stuffing, blend corn kernels and other spices together. Add this stuffing inside a parantha and grate cheese over it. Roll the parantha and cook it on a hot tawa. Season it with some butter and tadaaa, it is ready!!

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Corn Tikki

There is nothing that can compete with aloo ki tikki, we know it. But, corn tikki could be a competitor. Easiest to make, these corn tikkis have a batter of potato and corn kernels with several spices and herbs. One can top it with curd, sev, and chutneys and have it like a chaat or one can have the simplest tomato ketchup. It tastes yummy in both ways.

Corn Pulao

Yes, corn pulao does exist. Just like we see corn kernels in fried rice, it also goes well with pulao. The only difference is that this pulao tastes more desiii. This pulao is a bit on the spicier side but also has a hint of sweetness brought by corn kernels. Must try for all especially the rice lovers!

Palak Corn Curry

Corn’s versatility cannot be questioned and this dish is yet another example. This is a sauce and rich dish made up of fresh spinach and corn kernels. This dish is an absolute delight and it goes well with roti as well as rice.

No matter how you have it, no matter when you have it, corn will never fail to amaze you with its charm. Let us know which one of these dishes is your favourite!