Canadian Man Sets Guiness Record For Eating 50 Carolina Reapers

In what is a new record set for consuming 50 of the world’s hottest peppers – the Carolina Reaper – a Canadian man by the name of Mike Jack, added this newest achievement as a feather to his cap. Mike Jack, a professional eater based in London, consumed 50 of the hot peppers with a Scoville unit of 1.64m, in a record span of 6 minutes and 49.2 seconds. After Mike completed setting this new milestone in the Guiness Book of World Records, meaning that he ate one chilli pepper every eight seconds, onlookers mentioned that he went on to eat an additional 85 peppers.

This additional stunt also rocketed Mike into the League of Fire’s reaper challenger board at second place, which tracks the highest number of Carolina reapers eaten in a single sitting. A speed eater by profession, Mike divulged that he was working towards building a spice tolerance over a period of two decades before he was ready for the challenge. Exposed to hot sauces like Sriracha and Frank’s Red Hot during college, Mike also began challenging himself with eating hot sauces like El Yucateco from local Mexican food joints.

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In an image that Mike posted on Instagram, with his trophy as the newest world champion, he is seen grinning from ear to ear wearing a red T-shirt that has ‘Mike Jack eats heat’, emblazoned on the front. Some of his other speed eating records also include drinking a bottle of hot sauce in 8.56 seconds and drinking a litre of tomato sauce in 1 minute and 5.56 seconds. It is also reported that Mike broke the world record earlier this year for the longest habanero pepper kiss, after him and his wife ate the fiery peppers and kissed each other for a total of 15 minutes and 6.5 seconds.