Eating Spicy Chillies and Peppers Has Many Health Benefits
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Some of us have a way with spicy food and the love really translates to all of our culinary experiences both, inside and outside our own kitchens. People who have an affinity towards hot food know very well that pushing the bar with tolerance for heat is one of the most exciting things to do while eating. Across cultures, both within the country and outside of, the element of heat features prominently in regional dishes as well as dishes that make it to the marquee of representing a certain geographic area.

With an estimation of more than 50,000 varieties of hot chilli peppers worldwide, the consumption of these heat bombs dates back 9000 years. When you pick up a chilli pepper – whether it is a fresh or dry variety – the antioxidant compounds present in these chillies send signals of heat and spice to the brain. Most of the heat, concentrated in the form of capsaicin, is contained in the seeds and hence, regulating the levels between moderate and extreme can be done if you decide to use or discard the seeds. Whether it is the Guntur chilli, Bhut Jholokia, jalapeno, serrano or the everyday green chilli, the heat content of each variety is measured using the Scoville scale. But did you know that consuming hot chilli peppers was beneficial to health?


Known to be excellent sources of vitamin A and C, chilli peppers have immunity-boosting antioxidants that protect the eyes while also making up for any iron deficiencies. The vitamin C content in chillies also promote having glowing skin, when consumed in moderate amounts. However, those who are prone to acne and breakouts must be cautious about this, in the event of any allergies.

Gut Microbiome

Capsaicin, the dominant compound found in chillies, has a positive influence on the gut’s microbiomes, thereby being responsible for the whole body’s functioning. The compound encourages the production of digestive acids while increasing alkaline and mucus secretion, which helps the stomach fortify against ulcers or inflammation. It was proved in newer studies that capsaicin also keeps various types of gastrointestinal disorders at bay.

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Clear Sinuses

If you’ve enjoyed a plate of spicy paani puri before, chances are you’ve ended up with a runny nose; and that is because the capsaicin in chilli peppers aid in clearing up non-allergic, idiopathic rhinitis as well as helped ease sneezing and congestion. This in turn, helps with clearing up headaches or migraines caused by a blocked nose and allows for ease in breathing.

Boost Metabolism

Hot peppers work in supporting a healthy metabolism as the heat-producing effect these spicy peppers have, gives a boost to digestion. It is also known that the capsaicin mediated pathways in the body help with insulin sensitivity, a key factor in ensuring a healthy metabolic rate and keeping potential disorders like diabetes at bay.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Cancer cells have known to have diminished effects due to the presence of capsaicin in the body. From preventing the growth of cancerous cells to activating tumour-supressing genes, capsaicin targets all potential cancer pathways in the body, benefitting inflammatory and immunity responses of the body against the development of cancer in the system.