California To Neapolitan, 8 Different Types Of Pizza Crusts
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Pizzas are popular throughout the world because of their delicious taste. They have a crunchy base and an extremely soft upper side. Pizzas can be made in so many different ways and one can always experiment with toppings and the type of cheese that are used. But there are also so many ways to experiment with the pizza crust. 

Pizza crust comes in different varieties and all of them are very autonomous. A difference in pizza crust gives such a new flavour to the pizza. This is a perfect way of not getting bored by eating a pizza even if you are using similar toppings and cheese types. Here are some of the most classic pizza crusts that one can choose from or make at home.

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* New York Style Crust

The identification mark of this pizza crust is that it is always or most often sold in slices. These pizzas have wide wedges and they can be recognised instantly because of their crust. This is one of the most popular pizza crust types in Northern America and has different regional varieties. This crust is crispy from the outside, but it's quite thin and foldable. It is quite easy to fold big slices of this crust easily into small rolls. The whole purpose of such flexibility is hassle-free eating without using any utensils. This type of crust is usually made from flour that is very high in gluten.

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* California Pizza Crust

California pizza is known for its ordinary toppings that might sound a bit grotesque but taste well. This pizza crust has a very flaky thin crust. It is usually single-served or made in traditional sizes. The pizza comes with unimaginable toppings like mustard pate, eggs, goat cheese and other such absurd toppings. The surprising part about this pizza is that it still tastes good. 

* Greek Pizza Crust

This is a pizza style that was invented in Greece but now is very popular in the United States of America. The crust of this pizza is very thick and chewy. The bottom of the crust is almost deep-fried. Comparing this pizza crust with other crusts, it is quite evident that the Greek pizza crust is a lot more puffier and easy to chew as compared to others. Oregano and tomato paste are generously poured over the pizza base and a lot of unconventional toppings are also used.

* Chicago-Style Pizza Crust

This is a very thick pizza that has a classic deep dish kind of shape. What makes this pizza crust different from other crusts is the fact that it comes with a ledge. The ledge allows the pizza to have a generous amount of toppings as well as cheese and sauce. The thickness of this pizza is almost double than that of a normal pizza. The right way to break the crust of this pizza is to cook it in a deep dish that is properly oiled. Oiling or buttering the dish will help in making sure that the crust is crunchy. Different types of toppings are used to make this pizza depending upon the choice of a person.

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* Detroit-Style Pizza Crust

The pizza crust of this pizza is very well done and has an almost fried texture. The fried texture of the pizza crust is attained by oiling the pan in which the pizza crust is baked very well. The speciality of this pizza is that it is prepared in the reverse clearing order. This means that instead of conventionally going by first spreading the sauce, then cheese and then toppings, first toppings and cheese are put over the crust. This is followed by some sauce. This reverse-style topping has made pizza extremely popular in the past few years.

* Grandma Pizza Crust

Grandma Pizza is an ode to the old times. The crust of this pizza can be called a hybrid of Chicago and Neapolitan pizza crust. It is made by using a lot of mozzarella cheese and some fresh and raw tomatoes. One may add a lot of other toppings but it is not necessary to make this pizza. The crust of this pizza is very fresh and thin. It is a basic pizza but extremely delicious.

* Neapolitan Pizza Crust

This pizza was made for the first time in Italy’s Naples city. This pizza is often referred to as the original pizza and was made during the early 1800s. The crust of this pizza is slightly crispy and very light. The dough for the crust must be hand-kneaded and it shouldn't cross the 35 cm diameter mark. It is generally baked in wood-fired ovens and that is where it gets its authentic taste from. Some of the most classic examples of Neapolitan pizza include Marinara and margarita. 

These are some famous pizza crust types. All of them have their signature tastes and textures and that is what makes them so unique.