Cabbage For Dinner: 7 Lip-Smacking Recipes To Try
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Do cabbage recipes sound boring to you? Get ready to change your mind! Because after reading about the recipes you can make with cabbage, your way of viewing it will change entirely.

The bland flavour of patta gobhi doesn't actually taste interesting on its own, but this can be the sole advantage of cooking recipes with it. With the bland flavour, you can add as many different flavours as you want to make it special. Also, the versatility of leaves allows you to use them in many different ways, like as a wrap, a salad bowl, or even as a base for stir-fries and curries.

With endless possibilities, cabbage can be your best ally when you are in need of an instant but wholesome meal. So, if you are planning to make something with patta gobhi tonight, take it a notch above with these lip-smacking recipes.

1) Cabbage Roll

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Cabbage leaves can be perfect wraps to hold up any kind of filling. Whether you like chicken shreds, salads, or paneer, you can make a delicious filling with it for the cabbage rolls. Just make pockets with the leaves, fill them with the stuffings, place them in a skillet or oven tray, and bake to perfection. You can optionally add some curry over it.

2) One-Pot Cabbage Soup

If you are on a diet, then this cabbage soup would be a wonderful option. This soup combines vegetables like onion, carrots, bell pepper and potatoes with chopped cabbage, and everything is simmered in a flavorful broth. Optionally, you can include some protein and eggs. Add some soy sauce and sugar for more flavour.

3) Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Cabbage chopped into thick steaks and baked to crispy perfection is going to be your go-to meal for any party or get-together. Plain and bland cabbage gets a deliciously salty and sweet flavour when roasted in the oven or over the grill. Top it with your desired dressing or mayo for added deliciousness.

4) Stir Fried Cabbage with Besan

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Giving a twist to classic cabbage stir fry, this recipe combines besan to bring a flavourful masala base. After stir-frying your cabbage sabzi, just add some roasted besan to it and see how flavour is enhanced and moisture goes away.

5) Skillet Savoury Cabbage

Asian-style cabbage with soy sauce, vinegar, lemon, and delicious seasonings is a perfect side dish for dinner. You can use savoy cabbage in many ways, like stuffing it in pita bread, making a quick toast sandwich, and using it for momo filling.

6) Cabbage Gravy

Cabbage can also be made gravy-style with the standard tomato puree base, spices and vegetables like onion, capsicum, carrots and green peas. As the gravy simmers, cabbage gets translucent and melds its refreshing flavour. You can eat it with rice or roti, and it will be delicious, as always.

7) Cabbage Fritters

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When craving a midnight snack, try making these cabbage fritters by adding shredded cabbage to the spiced besan mixture. Remember to keep besan dry, as the water from the cabbage is enough to make it moist. Shape it into small balls and bake or air fry to keep it healthy.