5 Cabbage Recipes For A Healthy Kick-Start To The Day

Cabbage are leafy greens, white, purple, and red plants available in India throughout the year. It looks like lettuce and is used in a variety of dishes across the globe, one of the most prominent being the coleslaw salad. In most Indian households, it is used to make a dry sabji to complete a wholesome meal during lunch or dinner.

Video Credit: Kabita's Kitchen/ YouTube

Being rich in vitamins and minerals, it can be an absolute game-changer if used to create breakfast recipes. It can help you have a healthy kick-start to your day. Since it is versatile, it can be paired with several food items to create a new dish every day. Here are a few ideas that you can try.

Cabbage Pancakes

Cabbage pancakes are healthy, delicious, and savoury versions of delightful pancakes you often eat with fruits and sugary syrups. For this, you will have to shred a whole cabbage or ensure it is thinly sliced. 

Break two eggs on top of it, add freshly chopped coriander, salt to taste, black pepper powder, red chilli powder, and other spices to enhance the flavour. Add some cornstarch to the top to ensure that the ingredients bind together to form crispy pancakes. On a heated pan, spread the mixture, and cook on both sides until brown and crispy. Serve it hot with your favourite sauce or chutney, and enjoy.

Cabbage Hash Browns

You must have tried potato hash browns. They are crispy and wholesome American breakfasts. How about giving a twist to this recipe and replacing potatoes with cabbage? Follow the recipe of cabbage pancakes, but add four instead of two eggs. This mixture will seem a little runny.

Take a hot skillet, and place the mixture in small portions. Cook on both sides. You can top it with shredded cheese, let it melt, and serve. You can make these more nutritious by adding baby spinach, shredded carrots, and other veggies to the combination.

Fried Cabbage Breakfast Bowl

If you want to cook something on the go, try making a fried cabbage breakfast bowl. It includes the goodness of potatoes, cabbage, vegetables, and eggs (optional). First, take a hot pan and fry diced potatoes. Once the potatoes are a little soft, add cabbage to it. 

At this point, you can also add other vegetables like carrots, corn, bell peppers, etc. and a few spices. Cook these vegetables until they appear a little charred. Spread them on a plate and top this with a sunny-side-up egg prepared on the same pan. If you don’t like eggs, you can eat the fried and spiced veggies for breakfast. 

Scrambled Cabbage And Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a go-to breakfast option for many people around the world. They are quick, easy to make, and take less time for you to serve breakfast on the table. But if you are bored with the old recipe of scrambled eggs, add a twist to it with cabbage.

Add shredded cabbage to a hot pan glazed with butter. Cook it for at least 5 minutes and pour beaten eggs over it. Just like how you would make scrambled eggs, repeat the same process of stirring the mixture. Just before the eggs are about to be done, sprinkle salt to taste and black pepper powder. Enjoy this dish with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Roasted Cabbage Salad

How about starting your mornings with a hearty salad? Unlike your regular salads, roasted cabbage salad is a perfect blend of flavours that would help you give your mornings a healthy start. Take the cabbage of your choice and cut it into at least six portions. Lay each portion on a baking tray and roast the cabbage in the microwave. 

While this gets done, blend avocado, coriander leaves or parsley, lemon juice, salt to taste, and lemon zest. Marinate a large piece of cottage cheese in a smooth concoction of curd and spices and roast it on a pan. Once the cabbage and cottage cheese are done, arrange them on a plate, top them with avocado dressing, and serve with soft or hard-boiled eggs.