7 Soothing Buttermilk Drinks For Refreshing Slumber In Summer
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Buttermilk has always been a beloved summertime beverage which gives an instant refreshing relief from soaring heat. This fermented milk drink is beneficial for the body in many ways and is helpful in treating digestive ailments, improving gut health and giving the body an antioxidant boost and thus detoxifying the body.

Drinking buttermilk at night is considered helpful in getting sound sleep. Not only does it give a satisfying relief from cravings, it also relieves fatigue and has a relaxing effect on the body. The numerous nutritive components in buttermilk make it a delightful before-bed treat which can help you get relaxing sleep in summer.

Apart from drinking plain buttermilk, you can try numerous other recipes to elevate your buttermilk drink to a whole new level. From the admired masala buttermilk to something contemporary like strawberry and banana buttermilk, here are seven buttermilk recipes you should try.

7 Delectable Buttermilk Variations For Sound Sleep

1) Masala Buttermilk

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Masala buttermilk contains species that are cold in nature, such as cumin, coriander, mint, and green chilli. These spices are known for reducing body temperature by triggering the hypothalamic cooling centre in the brain. Drinking masala buttermilk at night is therefore a healing relief from heat and aids sleep.

2) Dry Fruits Buttermilk

Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, dates and apricots are known for inducing sleep. Adding these dry fruits in your buttermilk can create a delightful nighttime drink, perfect to have a relaxing sleep after a tiring and warm day.

3) Mint Buttermilk

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Mint helps in relaxing muscles and gives a refreshing boost to the mind and body. Mint included in buttermilk creates a refreshing summertime drink, helpful in warding off heat from the body and giving a soothing relaxation.

4) Beetroot Buttermilk

Beetroot is a source of nitrates known for promoting sleep. In addition to this, beetroot is also a delicious addition to buttermilk which adds hints of sweetness and changes the colours to bright pink. This nutritious drink will be your go-to after you try it once.

5) Strawberry Buttermilk

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Strawberry’s high melatonin content makes it an excellent sleep inducer. Melatonin is a hormone that reacts in response to a dark environment and tells the mind and body to sleep. Drinking strawberry buttermilk can thus enhance your sleep cycle.

6) Mango Buttermilk

Mango screams summer like nothing else. Adding mango to your nighttime buttermilk enhances the overall flavours and makes the drink extra tangy and comforting. Consuming mango before bed is said to give a restorative sleep that rejuvenates the mind and body.

7) Banana Buttermilk

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Bananas are a source of magnesium and potassium. These two elements contribute to relaxing strained muscles and aiding sleep. Mixing up slices of banana with your buttermilk is how you can make a refreshing bedtime drink and sleep like a baby.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try drinking these tasty buttermilk drinks a few hours before bedtime. They can help you relax and drift off naturally. Buttermilk will also ease your digestive processes and reduce any chances of disturbing health problems during sleep.