Butter Fruit For Health: Benefits Of Juicing Avocados And Recipe
Image Credit: Unsplash

Called the "Butter Fruit" for its thick, creamy texture, avocados are well-known for them. It is packed full of health advantages. Avocados are tropical flowering plants in the Lauraceae family that bear green, pear-shaped fruits.

Avocado is a special fruit that has several health advantages due to its high content of good fat. Furthermore, because they contain a low amount of carbohydrates, avocados are fruits that do not retain a high glycemic index.

Avocados can be consumed in a variety of ways such as having it straight, making a spread, adding to smoothies, or juicing the fruit for a delicious drink. Now that you know what avocado is, let's take a look at some of its health benefits when juiced.

Loaded With Nutrients

Avocado provides nutrients in a handy liquid form and is a veritable gold mine of essential elements. Healthy monounsaturated fats, dietary fibre, a variety of vitamins (K, E, C, and many B vitamins), and essential minerals like potassium are all present in it according to a study by MDPI. These nutrients have a cumulative positive effect on the body and immune system.


Anti-inflammatory qualities found in avocados can reduce arthritis discomfort. It contains omega-3 fatty acids as well, which further reduce joint discomfort by lubricating joints. This fruit has special fats, claims the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing. The plant hormones known as phytosterols, which include stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, and campesterol, are among them and aid in reducing inflammation. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory polyhydroxylated fatty acids (PFAs) in it.

Rich In Fibre

It makes sense that the word "fibre" is frequently associated with health. In terms of regular bowel movements and enhancing the flora of the intestines by acting as pro- and pre-biotics, diets rich in fibre are associated with improved digestive health according to the US National Library of Medicine. Also associated with fibre are decreased risks of cancer, and heart disease, and improved glucose regulation.

High In Folate

A good source of folate is avocados. Avocados must be a part of a pregnant woman's diet because folate promotes good foetal development as per the US National Library of Medicine. Folate keeps homocysteine from accumulating. This material tends to interfere with blood flow and the brain's ability to receive nutrition.

Enhances Skin

Avocado may be really helpful for you if you want to revitalise your lifeless, drab skin. The US National Library of Medicine states that its high levels of antioxidants, lycopene, and vitamin C contribute to glowing skin. You may also mash part of it and use it as a pack to apply topically on your face.

Avocado Juice Recipe

Here's a quick avocado juice recipe for you to try:


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 cups chilled milk (you can use dairy milk, almond milk, or any milk of your choice)
  • 2 tablespoons honey or sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • Ice cubes (optional)


  • Scoop out the flesh from the ripe avocado into a blender after cutting it in half and removing the pit.
  • In a blender, add vanilla extract, sugar or honey, and cold milk.
  • Everything should be blended until creamy and smooth. You can add more avocado or less milk to get the consistency you want.
  • If additional honey or sugar is required, taste the juice and adjust the sweetness.
  • Add some ice cubes to the blender and process until the ice is well-crushed and mixed in if you like a cooler beverage.
  • Ladle into glasses, then serve right away with avocado juice.
  • You have the option to add more taste and visual appeal to the juice by adding a lime slice or a dash of cinnamon powder as garnish.