Clarified Butter: 4 Myths And Facts About Ghee Consumption
Image Credit: Clarified Butter: Myths And Facts

Don’t we all love it when our mother drizzle a generous amount of ghee on freshly made rotis at home or how people spread a tremendous amount of it on piping hot parathas or add a spoon-full of cooked rice? Ghee or clarified butter is a healthy and nutritious ingredient found in every Indian household. So what was traditionally known as ‘Malai’ has now made its way as a global phenomenon? However, with the rise in healthy and conscious eating, people are moving to more nutritious options by doing away with anything that adds extra weight. Since ghee has rich fat content, the debate on whether its consumption is healthy or not has started. Dr Dharini Krishnan (Consultant Dietitian, in association with Godrej Jersey) shares some myths around ghee with facts to bust them.

  1. Ghee affects body health: It is composed of healthy monounsaturated fats. Since the ancient days, ghee is popularly known for its health benefits and medicinal properties. The facts are also supported by research that ghee prevents depression, heat strokes, cancer and keeps your heart healthy. In addition, it acts as a detoxifying agent because it is slow-cooked, and the nutrients and vitamins remain intact.
  2. Ghee contributes to your fat: A large number of sportspersons and health-conscious people fear gaining weight after the consumption of ghee. But the fact is that ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid, which activates weight loss. The key to weight loss is consuming ghee in the correct quantity. Anyone looking for weight loss and maintaining an appropriate diet can consume 1-2 teaspoons of ghee daily.
  3. Ghee affects heart health: It is a prominent vitamin A, D, E antioxidant, healthy heart. If consumed regularly in mindful quantity, ghee can improve digestion and metabolism. In addition, the consumption of ghee prevents heart strokes and avoid blockages. It also helps in reducing cholesterol.
  4. It is a big NO for lactose-intolerant people: As per making ghee, the milk solids are drained, and therefore, a widespread myth is busted. Therefore, intake of ghee is safe for anyone with lactose intolerance.