Bun Choley: The Lesser-Known Street Food Of Amritsar
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We've all heard about the food in Amritsar and how popular it is. We can't get enough of their street food, from the legendary 'Chole kulchey' to the 'meethi lassi'. But there is one more snack that few people are aware of: 'bun chole.' Although it is not well-known, it is an excellent street food snack that no one should miss while visiting Amritsar.  

Since 1932, a little shop known as 'Anant Ram ji chole wale' has been selling this amazing snack, hidden in a narrow alley. His family has been selling bun chole for only 15 rupees.  He first opened a shop in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1932, and then opened up his shop in Amritsar following the partition.  

People often confuse this with street-style burgers, but they are not the same. Anant Ram's family makes their chole with a lot of spices and imli sauce, and they serve it on top of a bread with dollops of chopped onions. It has a sweet and savoury flavour profile and is an excellent evening snack. No matter how hard we try, you won’t find a sinilar bun chole anywhere else.

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Anant Ram's family has carried on his legacy, selling the bun chole. If you ask them about the history of their shop, they would gladly tell you about how his family has been selling bun chole, what changes they had to make, what challenges they faced, and so on. Despite selling a lot of bun chole every day and making enough money, they haven't moved their shop to a much larger location because they think that some things should never be changed. People who know about this place have been visiting here almost every time they are in Amritsar. Now that you know about it, don't forget to visit and try out their bun chole. It is located near Aata Mandi Chowk, Amritsar. 

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