Edible Gift Ideas For The Wedding Season
Image Credit: Florida Academy Of Baking

When it comes to picking out wedding gifts, especially for acquaintances or loved ones, part of the challenge usually involves finding the perfect gift that works for both, the bride and groom. Most often, we tend to choose things that may or may not be of use to both parties involved, or can tend to get a little too personal, making things rather uncomfortable or awkward. Getting a generic gift means that you find yourself looking like someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing – which is much worse.

Finding yourself relating to these situations means that you, like some of us, could really use some respite in this space and what better way to make people happy, than bring them some delicious food. Edible gifts, especially homemade ones, have a lot of potential to be inexpensive, personalised without encroaching upon anyone’s preferences and of course, delicious enough for the couple or close one in question, to savour at their own pace. Here are a few delicious treats to bottle up and bring to a wedding as a charming and unique gift.

Marinated Cheese

Image Credits: Pillsbury

If you find yourself short on time or lacking confidence in your culinary skills, buying a small batch of fresh cheese like paneer, goat cheese or feta and marinating in a jar with lots of olive oil, garlic, chillies, herbs and shallots is a great way to produce something fresh and delicious. All it takes is a matter of hours where plain, regular cheese is transformed into a delicious, flavour-infused delight that your loved ones can enjoy with crackers, freshly baked bread or as is, with a glass of wine.

Candied Nuts

Image Credits: Insanely Good Recipes

A time-honoured way of dressing up unassumingly simple ingredients, candying nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans in a delicious spiced sugar syrup, is a comforting and luxurious way of making an edible gift. Although it might seem a bit labour-intensive, using simple spices like cinnamon, dried ginger powder or nutmeg gives it depth of flavour with very little effort. You could also make them into a sweet-savoury snack by sprinkling flaky salt and tossing them in a pinch of smoked paprika, for an extra kick.

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Confit Garlic

Image Credits: Grilling 24x7

Irrespective of whether you’re buying a whole bunch of garlic for the very purpose of making confit or simply because that’s all you have lying around, making this is the easiest and quickest edible gift to take for a wedding dinner or a formal ceremony. Made with simple ingredients like oil, garlic and herbs, this process yields the best-tasting buttery soft, sweet garlic that can be used as a topping for crackers, toasts, in soups and stews for maximum flavour.

Spice Blend Mix

Image Credits: The Kitchn

Whether it is taco seasoning, good ol’ garam masala, an earthy Mexican spice mix – spice blends make for wonderful edible gifts that last for months on end. Spice blends can be sprinkled over pretty much everything from pita bread to soups and curries, for an instant boost of flavour – one that your friends would thank you for rather sincerely! Make a large batch of a single spice blend or tiny jars of multiple spice blends to create an assortment; oh, and save some for yourself while you’re at it!

Stone Fruit Compote

Image Credits: SOSCuisine

What good is a monsoon wedding if not celebrating the season’s freshest stone fruits? Pick from cherries, plums and peaches to make delicious compotes or jams that feel like a reminder of comfort and home to your loved ones. The jewel colours of these beautiful fruits intensify even further when cooked down, along with aromatic whole spices like star anise as well as a healthy splosh of vanilla. These deliciously scented compotes are perfect to feature on a cheeseboard or eat with your slice of breakfast toast; either way, happy smiles are in order!

Brownie Mix

Image Credits: Thriving Home

While gifting a box of store-bought brownie mix might make you seem stingy or not creative, homemade brownie mix is a whole other ball game. As long as your friends have you make them a jar or two of this brownie mix, gooey, warm, fudgy brownies are only a few spatula swipes away from being their comfort companion on days when they’re craving sugar. Combining good quality Dutch pressed cocoa powder with espresso and other dry ingredients is all you need to do to make the ultimate brownie mix that will last them a full year, if indulged in occasionally.