Broccoli Coffee: Tried This Vegetable Beverage, Yet?
Image Credit: Broccoli Coffee

Raise your hands if you’re one of those who fret at the sight of green, leafy vegetables and start looking for alternatives as soon as you see them. Well, it seems like your task has become quite easy with this interesting vegetable coffee in the market. Almost every day, we try new health fads without being sure of how effective they are.  

While many extreme health trends are known to have side effects, this one just requires you to drink coffee. Surprised? Well, it is broccoli coffee after all. Yes, you can make coffee with this healthy, green vegetable and get the best of both worlds. Also referred to as ‘Broc-Coffee’, this is a delicious and healthy concoction made with broccoli powder.  

How Did It All Begin?  

It is said that broccoli powder was invented at a research lab in Australia. The vegetable was first dried and crushed to form a powder in such a way that it retains its nutrients. Since the powder had immense nutritional benefits, it began being used for making coffee at a café in Australia, called Common Folks. Known as ‘Brocolatte’, this new coffee became a popular item on the café’s menu.  

While the initial idea was to reduce wastage of food and utilise the dried up vegetable in some other form, it was found that the broccoli coffee is quite beneficial for losing weight. It is loaded with fibre and macronutrients and two tablespoons of this vegetable powder amounts to one portion of broccoli. Since it is low in calories and high in nutrition, it instantly took the social media by storm and became an emerging health trend.  

All the coffee aficionados as well as caffeine lovers started trying out this healthy substitute to amp up the nutritional value of their cup of coffee. To make it at home, all you need to do is wash and dry broccoli florets before grinding it into a powder. Heat milk in a pan and add two tbsp of broccoli powder to a cup. Pour the milk over and stir till you get a bright green colour.