Britannia Industries’ Biscuit Unit In Kolkata Shuts Down After 77-Year Run

Known for producing some of the most popular baked goods like cakes, biscuits and bread, the 150-worker strong production unit for Britannia is set to shut shop at their Taratala location in Kolkata. Situated in the Kolkata Port area on 11 acres of land, the 77-year-old factory in the city’s suburb came to the decision following its permanent workers accepting voluntary retirement. According to reports, the company’s second oldest manufacturing unit has been said to have become outdated and inefficient, along with the factory’s output not being viable financially.

Following the shutting down of its manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Mumbai, the company offered voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) packages to its workers, informing the stock exchanges about its decision. This reduction of units is part of the company’s mitigation process, where it plans on updating its factories and modernising facilities with higher production capacities. Aside from the Taratala location, Britannia also has a facility in Dankuni – a part of the Hooghly district.

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Given that Bengal has been Britannia’s third-largest revenue generating market, the iconic Taratala factory played a significant role in contributing to its 900-crore revenue. The company renewed its lease for the land occupied by the unit in 2018 for a span of 30 years; what they might plan on doing with the land in terms of utility remains to be seen. While the closing of the industrial unit will not have any direct impact on the state’s revenue, fans of the brand have been expressing their nostalgic feelings associated with some of the products on social media.