Breaking Down The Pahadi Thali, 7 Parts Of This Himachali Dish
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Himachal is full of so many delicious foods that are yet not known to the outside world. Most people do not ever try making Himachali food at home because they are not yet acquainted with all the delicious dishes that are a part of Himachali cuisine. Even if you ha a chance to visit any of Himachal Pradesh’s famous hill stations, chances are low that you got to try authentic Himachali food. This is because authentic Himachali food is not yet available everywhere. You won't see this food being sold on the streets. You will only find it in special Himachali restaurants or traditional Himachali households.

In this article, we will talk about the complete Pahadi Thali and what delicious food items it consists of. A thali is a cumulative meal that is made up of various dishes. All these dishes are made while taking care of the flavours of each other. These dishes come together to make a harmonious blend of delicious Thali that is made on special occasions. Let us now look at all the delicacies that are an integral part of your Himachali Thali.

* Mash Ki Dal

Mash ki Dal can be called the healthier alternative of dal Makhani. Dal Makhani consists of a lot of ghee and butter which is why it's not healthy for regular consumption. On the other hand, you can make mash ki Dal at home which is a very famous lentil recipe in Himachal Pradesh. This is made by mixing some famous Indian spices, mustard, oil, and whole black lentils. With a dash of Kasuri methi, it can be your perfect dal. Although it is not as creamy as your regular dal Makhani, it has robust flavours that make it drool-worthy.

* Babru

At first glance, you might think that Babru is very much like Puri. But unlike Puri, Babloo is made up by stuffing black gram dal paste. This is a very famous bread that is frequently consumed in Himachal Pradesh. Babru is also a famous breakfast option as it is very easy to cook and all you need is a handful of ingredients. Like Puri, it is deep-fried and crunchy on the outside. This can also be a great snack for your parties. You can pair this with any gravy-based dish of your choice or just simply enjoy it with some tamarind chutney or tomato ketchup.

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* Rajma Masala

This rajma masala is a very popular dish in Himachal Pradesh. The consistency of this dish is thicker as compared to the rajma that we make in plains. It is prepared by adding some yoghurt and cream. Also, a lot of tomatoes and onions are added to the gravy to give it a very strong flavour. This will surely give you the dham experience by simply sitting at home. The rajma masala is cooked on slow heat to get the best flavours of all the spices.

* Kaddu Ka Khatta

This is a tangy and sweet dish that is made out of pumpkin. A lot of fresh fenugreek seeds are also added to this dish for extra refreshment. This is seasoned with some coriander seeds on the top. If you like something sour then this can be your go-to Himachali recipe. You can enjoy this with a bhatura, kachori or even a simple roti. A small quantity of Kaddu ka Katta with some dall or a basic sabji can instantly revamp your meal.

* Aloo Palda

If you are tired of eating your regular Aloo sabji, then try making this Pahadi Aloo Palda at home. This is made by mixing some boiled potatoes with yoghurt and a handful of aromatic spices. It has a creamy gravy and the curd is cooked on low flame. It has a subtle hint of spices and is mostly non-spicy. You can have this with a warm Paratha, roti or babru. This is a delicious Aloo recipe that you will make again and again at home. It is specifically enjoyed by children because of its subtle flavour and creamy texture.

* Tukdiya Bhat

This dish is made by slowly cooking rice with a handful of spices and vegetables. Some quantity of masoor dal is also added to the mixture. This can be called a khichadi recipe from Himachal Pradesh. But the only difference is that it is a lot more flavourful than our regular khichadi. You can try making this recipe if you want to take a break from Pullao or vegetable rice that is made at your home. It is a one-pot meal and gets prepared instantly.

* Meethe Chawal

Our Pahadi Thali will be incomplete without mentioning at least one sweet food. This dish is a lot easier to make than the rest of the food items on the list. All you have to do is boil some rice until it becomes soft. Now add some jaggery powder, milk, cardamon and dry fruits to this rice. Let everything cook for some time until the rise fully absorbs everything. You can eat it both warm and cold as per your choice.

These are some of the food items that are a part of the traditional Himachali Thali. There are a lot of other dishes that may be a part of a Himachal Thali as per the choice of a particular person. This includes Kullu Trout or Pahadi Chicken. All of these dishes are very flavourful in their own way.