Breakfast With These 5 Summer Fruits Parfaits

Like, everyone knows that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. Even though dietitians and experts from all over the globe stress the need of a healthy breakfast, many of us still miss it. Then why is that? For the simple reason that there are days when we just don't feel like getting out of bed and cooking anything fancy. We need breakfast dishes that are both quick and tasty since making breakfast on a workday is not easy. We spotted five different methods to mix up the refreshing parfait that would be ideal for this summer when searching for such fast breakfast ideas. Having these parfaits ready in less than 15 minutes is the most satisfying part. 

Mango Parfait 

Start with the king of fruits: ripe mangoes. Cut the golden flesh into cubes, then arrange them in a layer at the base of a glass. For a little extra opulence, top with a dollop of creamy yoghurt that has been steeped with saffron. For a wonderful crunch, sprinkle with crushed almonds or pistachios. Continue layering until you reach the top. For a last pop of freshness, sprinkle some fresh mint leaves on top. 

Strawberry Parfait 

This delectable parfait is the perfect way to indulge in the delicious sweetness of strawberries. Prepare a strawberry foundation by hulling and slicing fresh strawberries. Finish with a dollop of honey-sweetened Greek yoghurt or silky hanging curd. Toss in some toasted sesame seeds for an extra crunch and flavour. Keep piling the glass till it's full, rotating between yoghurt and strawberries every so often. For an extra touch of sophistication, garnish it with a strawberry fan and a little rose syrup. 

Banana Parfait

This banana parfait is a great way to tap into the fruit's natural vitality. Place sliced ripe bananas in a glass and set it on its base. Spread a thick banana puree that has been spiced with a pinch of cardamom on top. For an extra decadence, top it with a big dollop of chilled coconut milk yoghurt. For some extra crunch, top with granola clusters. Layer it again, and for the finishing touch, sprinkle some desiccated coconut on top for a touch of comfort. The simple banana, with its many uses and nutritional benefits, is the star of this parfait. 

Pomegranate Parfait 

Enjoy this beautiful parfait. Pour some ruby-red pomegranate seeds into the glass's bottom. For a fragrant touch, drizzle with tart Greek yoghurt that has been lightly infused with rose water. Add a handful of crushed pistachios for crunch and colour. Layer more and more, swapping between yoghurt and pomegranate seeds, until the glass is full of deliciousness. For a last touch of luxury, put some edible rose petals on top. This parfait is a visual feast, with the flowery scents of rose water balancing the sweet-tartness of the pomegranate. 

Grape Parfait 

Enjoy the juicy sweetness of grapes with this cool dessert. Grapes without seeds should be cut in half and layered at the bottom of a glass. To make it taste even better, add a spoonful of creamy vanilla yoghurt. For an extra crunch, sprinkle with chopped peanuts or walnuts. Repeat the layers, and for a final touch, add a bunch of grapes. Add a little honey on top for an extra touch of luxury.