Breakfast To Dinner: What To Have On The First Day Of 2022?
Image Credit: Complete new year menu

A new year means a party, fun and friends and is this not possible with the same old food. If the year is new, the food should also be fresh. So, what are you waiting for? Let us tell you about some new dishes that will make your first day of 2022 brighter. These dishes can impress your husband, enhance your mother-in-law mood and provide a treat to your children's taste buds. So let us tell you what you should eat from breakfast to dinner in 2022.

How to begin your day?

It would be best if you started 2022 by drinking a sunrise smoothie which is healthy and tasty too. If your children don't like to consume milk in the morning, you should make them this sunrise smoothie from next year onwards. Believe me, after drinking once, you and your kids will want to drink it again and again.

Breakfast of 2022

What have you eaten for breakfast till now? Parathas, sandwiches, poha, omelette bread, that's it? But if it is a new year, leave the same old food in the old year and begin your day with a fantastic breakfast. This 2022, start your day with fresh fruits and veg salad that will keep you fresh throughout the day. The first food of the day should be as good and equally beautiful as your day. So in the coming new year, take special care of your breakfast because it is essential for your health.

Lunch of 2022

Lunch should be royal, especially when it comes to New Year's lunch; how can you not make it memorable? The coming year is going to change your taste with new tastes. So this year you should eat achari paneer and roti for lunch. What could be better than spicy paneer with pickle flavour and hot chapatis? So this year, get ready to make it on your food list with its recipe.

What to have with tea in the evening?

The tea is incomplete without cookies, just as roti is without sabzi. As the year is new, the cookies should also be unique: chocolate chip cookies, coconut macaroon, afghan, alfajor, charcoal biscuit, and evening tea. Their taste is enough to set the mood for your coming new year's eve.

Dinner of 2022

The year is new, so why the dinner be old? Instead of eating lentils, rice, roti, eat quinoa salad for dinner as it's effortless to make it. Although slowly becoming popular in India, it is also a better and healthier cereal than any other you have eaten. While making quinoa salad, mix seasonal fruits and vegetables and eat them. You can also add lemon juice and a little salt to it. This instant dinner is healthy and tasty as quinoa doesn't need to work hard to get digested.

The first dessert of 2022

The new year seems incomplete without sweets. By the way, the demand for Jasmine Rice Pudding has been increasing since 2021. You can either make it at home or order it from the restaurant. We assure you that everyone from kids to elders will love its taste. It does not contain sugar, but it gets its sweet taste from honey and fruits. So what can be better than this healthy sweet dish in the new year?