Breakfast For Your Child? Keep It Simple But Attractive
Image Credit: Image credits: Pexels| Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, and a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. The statement is true for everyone, regardless of their age group. A fuller breakfast keeps you feeling energetic throughout the day and prevents you from munching or overeating. The same is true for children; if you provide them with nutritious food options, they will have more energy to burn and will be more engaged in various activities. If this is not the case, they will feel hungry very quickly. Having said that, it can be difficult for mothers to choose a nutritious breakfast option for their toddlers, children aged 1-3 years. There must be instances when you want your child to eat the things you provide but they refuse. Don't worry if they refuse to eat anything new. Allow them to choose their meal size; do not overfeed them. Making attractive meals that appeal to them more than the taste or flavour is the key to getting your child to enjoy the meal. 

Here are some healthy breakfast options for kids: 

Coin Dosa

Mix the dosa batter in a bowl; you can also make a quick version with curd and semolina (sooji) or use store-bought instant dosa batter. Brush the pan with ghee and pour a table spoon of the dosa batter over it. Let it cook properly, remove and serve it plain with curd or stuff it with mashed potatoes. Any vegetable, such as grated carrot or diced tomato, can be added to the batter. 


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