Intermittent fasting has been a diet trend that’s taken fitness enthusiasts by a storm. While many people who have tried intermittent fasting have reported its benefits, others have come forward and disparaged it as a form of losing weight. Actors and celebrities also have tried their hands at intermittent fasting. First, let’s understand what intermittent fasting really is. 

What is intermittent fasting? 

Intermittent fasting is a cycle of various meal timing schedules that oscillate between a period of fasting and eating. In simple words, a person who is observing intermittent fasting eats for a limited period of the day, and fasts for the remaining time. Time-restricted feeding is claimed to be linked to a number of benefits including weight loss, regulation of insulin levels, boosting metabolism, and improving heart health. Usually, people fast for 14-16 hours a day after consuming the last meal of the day. Inadvertently, this leads to missing out on a healthy breakfast. The demerits of intermittent fasting are still being studied and it is recommended that you seek the guidance of your health care provider before engaging in intermittent fasting. 



Mira’s take on intermittent fasting 

Keen on trying out the diet fad, Mira took to her social media to write on the topic. “I've contemplated trying IF many times. Sometimes because so many others are doing it, sometimes to try something new and shake things up and a few times just to see what really happens,” she wrote. The influencer who has married actor Shahid Kapoor doesn’t seem to like the diet trend. Completing her thoughts on intermittent fasting, she added, “But I've never gone passed two/three days. It just doesn't sit well with me. I believe in nourishing the digestive fire in the morning (Agni, in Ayurveda) and that nature is far more powerful than trends.” 

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Mira believes in Ayurveda

She often keeps posting about the various dietary recommendations from the Ayurveda tradition. Encouraging those for whom diet fads do not work, Mira wrote, “Everybody is different. Your doshas, your Prakriti and your Vikruti. No one size fits all. But breakfast fits me like a glove.” Mira has many a times talked about the benefit of a healthy breakfast in her lives and in her posts. Mira believes in mindful eating and sometimes takes time out for a cheat day or two.

The health benefits of consuming a balanced breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and doctors have time and again stressed on the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The heat wave replenishes the much-needed vitamins and minerals from our body and an empty stomach in such weather conditions could lead to health issues. Therefore, it is extremely important to include hydrating and fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. A healthy breakfast boosts your energy levels and alertness by replenishing the glucose in your body. Having a healthy breakfast also ensures that you make better food choices along the day, rather than indulging in cheat meals because of pangs of hunger.