Bread-Making Made Easy: Hacks for Flawless Homemade White Bread

Bread has a special place in every cuisine across the world. From a variety of sandwiches to puddings, these soft baked items can be indulged in numerous ways. And when it comes to breakfast, bread is a top choice. Whether you want to eat something light in the morning or are getting late for work, having a packet of bread in the kitchen always helps. Talking particularly about Indian cuisine, there is a long list of dishes that can be prepared with bread, from the simple masala sandwich to desserts like shahi tukda and gulab jamun.

Video Credit- Dev's Kitchen

In India, white bread is the most commonly used variety of bread. It can be found in every grocery store. But why buy it when you can make your own soft, fluffy, and fresh white bread at home? Made with simple ingredients like all-purpose flour, dry yeast, salt, and eggs, freshly baked homemade bread will never disappoint you. However, most of us will agree that baking at home does not give the desired result and that purchased bread is much better.

But the secret lies in the tricks of baking white bread. Here are five effective tips to bake perfect white bread at home:

Be Careful With The Yeast

There are mainly three types of yeast: fresh, fast-acting dried, and active dried. You can use any of them, but fast-acting yeast is considered to be the best for making bread. Also, make sure you are storing it properly, as very old yeasts don’t work well. Fresh yeast can only last up to two weeks; when refrigerated and dried, it can last for a few months.

Add More Water

Hydration is the key to making soft bread. Therefore, increasing the amount of water while making the dough gives a softer crumb. The reason is that well-hydrated dough lets the gluten extend properly, which in turn gives you the desired result. But remember, do not overdo it, as too much water can create an overly dense bread loaf.

Switch To Milk 

This might sound unusual, but milk can definitely help you make softer breads. The traditional method of kneading bread dough uses water, but replacing it with milk can give better results. However, if you are still in doubt, start by replacing half the amount of water with milk. Apart from making your bread soft, this is also going to enhance its taste.

Don’t Forget Sugar

Never skip adding sugar to your bread recipe, even if it is only a small amount. This will not only add a hint of sweetness but also tenderise and moisten the bread. If possible, add liquid sugar to get a better result. Sugar will also help keep your bread soft for a long time.

Allow The Bread To Cool In The Oven

Once the bread has been baked and the oven has been turned off, let it cool down inside by leaving the door partially open. By doing this, the bread will have a better appearance because if it cools down too quickly, the crust may develop some creases. Bread can become mushy if it is removed from the oven and left in the baking pan for more than fifteen minutes.