5 Ways To Enjoy The Royal Mughlai Dessert, Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a royal, festive dessert that is made with ghee, bread, sweetened milk and nuts. Shahi means "royal" and tukda means "bread". It is believed that this dessert has its origin from the Mughal reign. Shahi tukda is a piece of crisp fried golden coloured bread that is topped with some sweetened condensed milk (rabdi) and nuts. The bread is soft yet crispy and absorbed in desi ghee. The flavours of chashni, rabdi and saffron get absorbed by the bread, which makes it taste like a bread pudding. It is served widely during Eid festivities where people usually break their fast by having this royal delicacy. Shahi tukda tastes similar to Hyderabadi "Double ka meetha" except for its thickness. In Delhi, you'll find Shahi tukda at every Mughlai restaurant and around Jama Masjid. If you are visiting Purani Dilli, then Cool Point is the place to be. It serves the best Shahi Tukda in town. Let me tell you 5 different ways in which you can enjoy this heavenly dessert.

Shahi tukda with chashni

The basic way to enjoy the warmth of Shahi tukda is to have it with the chashni. This is the perfect dessert when your taste buds crave something sweet and comforting. 



Shahi tukda with rabdi

Shahi tukda with the topping of rabdi gives the best experience to the taste buds. The creamy texture of rabdi sits well on the piece of bread that melts in the mouth like a dream. 

Shahi tukda with ice-cream

Nothing's better than having shahi tukda with ice cream. The warmth of shahi tukda is balanced by the icy cold ice cream. The combination feels like you are having a fluffy cake with ice cream. Mango ice cream and shahi tukda is one such combination that is to die for. 

Shahi tukda with ice cream and rabdi

Are you confused between ice cream and rabdi? Well, try having shahi tukda with both ice cream and rabdi. This heavenly combination is a feast to the taste buds. You get a burst of different flavours with each bite. 

Shahi tukda with falooda

Kulfi falooda is everyone's favourite, but have you ever thought of having shahi tukda with falooda? Try this new combination and I am sure you would want more of it. Warm shahi tukda served with cold falooda is a perfect balance of hot and cold desserts that serve the taste buds really well.